Monday, July 01, 2013

The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool and Creamy Wash

Hey loves!

The Body Shop has a new product coming up! Lucky for me, I got the pleasure of trying it out even before its release date! :)

The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool and Creamy Wash

I received mine last Thursday and been using it to keep my skin clean and fresh!

I was excited to try this out since my skin is blemish-prone. I think this suits me so well. I've tried quite a few products from their Tea Tree line and they have performed well on me.

Read the description below if you would like to learn more on this new product:
(Just click the image to enlarge)

Here's the front and back of the product:

I prefer my facial washes in tube form since it's easier to get the product out and you can make sure that you get to finish up all everything inside.

 And of course, it contains ingredients that are included in The Body Shop's Community Fair Trade which helps different communities in various parts of the world.

On to my thoughts on this product:

It is thick and white with a slight tint of mint green but barely noticeable in my pic...
Here's a shot from the Press Release:
The scents is very... herby! If you have smelled any item from their Tea Tree Line, then that's exactly how it smells. LOL 

It doesn't foam up when you use it. You just massage it on your face and you will begin to feel the cooling sensation which is totally awesome! I love it since it makes me feel so refreshed! It's just perfect for the crazy weather in the Philippines nowadays.

After washing it off, you feel so clean and refreshed. Even when I use my toner, you don't see dirt on my cotton pad anymore. It does the job of cleaning my face after a long day!

For the 5 days I have been using it, I didn't encounter breakouts nor skin irritations. It didn't dry my skin too. I love it! I just wonder if it would work so much better if my skin care composed of more tea tree line from The Body Shop! Hmmm...

Anyway, that's all for my quick review!

The Body Shop's Tea Tree Cool and Creamy Wash will be available in stores in July 5, 2013. It's RRP is Php 395.00 only so hurry and grab one!!



  1. hey Dawn, thank you so much and we're glad you love it! sharing also its new retail price at 395:-) thanks again, gorgeous! :-)

  2. Is this particularly for oily skin? :) It seems pretty interesting but I won't even try it if it's for oily skin..

  3. Tellie - I don't think it's only for oily skin. I think it can be for Normal and Combination as well. Though they have other skin care lines that cater to different skin types. :)

  4. The Body Shop has always been a brand I've wanted to try- stemmed from my love of clean and 'green' products. I love their campaigns for a better world, especially regarding animal cruelty and human rights. So much that I did actually try for a job at my local store.

    But being a student, their products are too expensive for me. A cleanser here in Sydney, Australia would probably be $35, which is steep.

    However I'm glad this product worked well for you Dawn!

    Y-OONYEE [click here]

  5. Hello! I've recently got into this TBS Tea Tree range - skin clearing toner, tea tree oil, and the blemish fade night lotion. Before I turned into trying TBS products, I was using Etude House and The Face Shop. A few weeks ago, I had this terrible breakout and was running out on my beloved beauty prods from the Korean shops. Was at the mall when my guts told me to try visiting the TBS store and there my instincts told me (yet again) their Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner is a good alternative for my EH Skin Malgem Smooth Toner. I wasn't wrong! Will want to try this cleanser too since I think my EH Green tea cleanser isn't working well with the TBS Tea Tree products.

    Can you tell me the other products you use together with this facial wash? A regimen to assist my confused and depressed mind will be much appreciated. TIA sissy!:)