Sunday, July 07, 2013

NOTD : Gradient and Black Tips

Happy Sunday guys!

I had an unproductive weekend. *sigh* I wasn't able to do any artworks that I planned on creating and I also wasn't able to go to the gym. :(

Oh well. But at least I have a new NOTD to share with all of you.

The gradient effect is probably one of the easiest nail arts you can do. It's beautiful and classy but just be careful with the choice of colors. Make sure that they blend well together. :)

 Here are the polishes I used for this look. I forgot to add the pink polish in the picture. :P

I also used an old makeup sponge to do the blending. :)

And more nail photos:

I took the pics a few days after I created this NOTD. The black tips were already chipping off. Booo. Bad black polish!

 So that's about it. I apologize for this very short post. I'm just getting so sleepy. Haha!
Going to bed now. I'll have to wake up early tomorrow. :P

Good night, guys! 



  1. Awesome mani, Dawn! How do you do the sponging? I wanna try this out too. :D

  2. Very pretty combination of colors, Dawn! :)


  3. i wanna try gradient nail art some time too :D i saw a set that i like in etude. one of these days i hope i can make one as nice as this :)

  4. becomingsleek - Just with an old makeup sponge! I just put a drop of molish on the sponge and spread it on 2/3 of my nail. :)

    Gellie - Thanks!

    Shayne- I've used those before. I think I posted some before.