Sunday, July 14, 2013

NOTD : China Glaze in United

Hey everyone!

Just want to share this lovely nail polish that I've been loving for quite a few weeks now.

I immediately bought this nail polish bottle after trying it out at My Pretty Nails Salon for a great nail pampering experience.

And I guess, pretty much since then, it has been a favorite of mine. :)

It has all the qualities I like—it's peachy pink, glittery and fit for a princess!

My only problem with this is that it starts to chip off in a matter of days... probably in 3-4. So I suggest you use a good polish base to prolong the polish. And oh... this is also a pain to remove. Haha!

Do you like sparkly polishes on your nails too?



  1. That's a very pretty shade! But yeah the reason I don't use glitter polishes because it's really hard to remove.

  2. Omigosh - can I just tell you how much I love this polish? GJDFGJFDKGF. ;n; Crazy over it. I just love the pink, the glitters, the sparklyy... my eyes!

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  3. pretty pretty shade :) ill look for this ^^

  4. pretty pretty shade :) ill look for this ^^

  5. becomingsleek - I'm prepared to endure long minutes of removing polishes for sparkly nails. Hahaha!

    June - Followed!

    Shayne - You should! It's really pretty! :D