Monday, July 29, 2013

Review: Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes, & Lips

Good evening ladies,

My Bifesta just ran out on me so I started using the makeup remover that came with my Clinique Bonus. So here's a really brief review on the product.

I've always liked the fact that Clinique always packages their products so cleanly, almost like medical stuff-like. My biggest problem with the packaging of this one, is the opening where you dispense the product. It's too wide! For the clumsy users, like me, it's not very user friendly. I've literally wasted half of the product from spilling it or putting too much on the cotton, and soaking my hand completely. Seriously.

This is a half water, half oil kind of product. It's not the type of product I like. I've since changed my preference to products that are not half this and half that so... depends on you if you're ok with that.

In terms of removing eye makeup, mascara, and lipstick, it delivers. It just takes a little longer for it to melt water resistant mascaras but it does the job well enough. My biggest problem with it being a halfa, is that I can't leave it long on my eyes for it to melt the makeup since some part of it stings my eye and it's a pain to rinse off. But that's a general incidence with all halfa types of makeup remover whenever I use them.

I did try using it for my whole face and it still did the job but just not as effective since you need to wipe with it for at least 3 times.

Good product for removing makeup from eyes, lashes, and lips but is not good for all over the face.

I don't know how much it is here, but according to, the 4.2 oz is about 18 dollars worth, which is a little pricey for something so small. Then again if you'll be using it exclusively on your eyes, lashes, and lips, it might not be that bad.

Anyway, I still prefer water-based removers for those areas. How about you guys?


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  1. i agree this could be costly.. i like oil-based makeup remover though :)