Friday, July 05, 2013

Caronia Hand and Foot Care Nourishing Cream in Green Tea

Hey dearies!

Love having foot spas?
I'm currently loving them! I am doing a lot of walking right now which makes such luxury something I'd take to pamper my tired feet.

To tell you the truth, I was avoiding foot spas in salons before. I only do them in the comforts of my own house. It has nothing to do with the service itself or the places I have been to. It was actually because of me. I was embarrassed of my feet. I have small feet yet I'm in the heavy side. Carrying such a heavy body may be causing my feet callus and I really had thick ones. I find those on my feet disgusting that I don't want people to see nor touch them.

So after a long and tedious task of getting rid of thick and rough skin on my feet, I am more confident in exposing my feet and have the lovely experience of getting foot spas! I don't have to do them myself anymore! LOL

One of the products I use to take care of my feet is this product:

Caronia Hand and Foot Care Nourishing Cream in Green Tea

I actually got this for free after buying nail polishes from Caronia during Cosmetologie 2013.

About the product (from the website):

A nourishing mix of Panthenol combined with soothing Green Tea fragrance. Smoothens and hydrates hands and feet.
Available in 50ml, 200ml and 500ml sizes.

Front and Back of the tube.

The scent is like mild and soothing sweet green tea. The product is quite thick but it's really easy to spread onto skin. It may take a few minutes for the product to be fully absorbed by the skin BUT this pretty thing right here is very moisturizing! It keeps my feet from drying and having cracks. Though this doesn't lock in the moisture in my feet like that of when I use petroleum jelly, this product is feels waaaay more comfortable and easier to use. I love this product because it performs well and it's so comfortable!

Do you have a favorite product to use on your feet?



  1. I have seen this producy in Watsons na but haven't given it a try yet. Would try this out nga soon. :)


  2. this post is so timely! i need a foot cream to try! :D