Saturday, July 20, 2013

Too Cool For School: SM North Edsa Opening

Good evening ladies,

It's been a while since the both of us have attended an event together and we're super glad that we were able to attend the opening of Too Cool For School's SM North Edsa Branch.

We're quite happy about the whole look of the place, it's a much lighter themed store than the one they have in MOA. More pastels on the wall and more shelf spaces to showcase all their great products.

Sometimes, though, it feels like this store is made with medical-field-related-course students and art students in mind... they have a section reminiscent of laboratory work tables and sinks... 

and the other shelves and displays remind of an art student's workshop. One reason we're digging the interior of the place. 

Though it really can get creepy at times. :)

Regardless, the store's centre aisle make-up stands are just ergonomic. They're simple yet very functional and clean looking.

They've got their full regala of products on display at the store, but the first ones to greet you are their Dinoplatz collection.

So the products they have to offer range from a number of BB creams, primers, and BB foundations...

To rice wine based facial care products...

To lipsticks and lip-gloss, and kikay kit paraphernalia...

To perfume gels, lotions, masks, facial foam, moisturizer and the likes...

And of course... blushes and eye shadows. True to the name, they even have these products in packaging that mimics school materials. 

We had fun browsing the new store and Jarelle, their Marketing Associate, gave us a brief summary of what Too Cool For School is all about and their must-see products. They have so many products that both of us are excited to try.

The event was not only a great mini "reunion" for the two of us, we were also reunited with some of our old buddies...

Hanna, our high school batch-mate and friend...

Of course, our adopted sister, Helen.

And Erika of erikajjang.

We also got to have a quick chat with our blogger friend, Marge of Kikay Trekkie. She mentioned that TCFS here in the country has good prices—only a small difference in price compared to the ones in Seoul.

We were also treated to some tasty pica-pica food and wine at Mann Hann. LOVED their Buchi... as you can see... we saved them for last in our plates. :)

Of course, many thanks for our freebies. Will definitely make reviews on these:

And here are Dawn's purchases for that day... Liz failed to take a photo of hers but she'll upload a review... hopefully sometime within the next month...

We're super excited to try out all these great products. Tell us which ones you'd like to be reviewed so we can prioritize on them early. :)

Lastly, congratulations to Too Cool For School for a successful opening. We're sure to come back for more from their store. Please visit their branches in MOA and at SM North Edsa. Landmarks are as follows:
MOA: Near Inventor's Lab directly across Etude's store
SM North Edsa: Main Mall, second floor across Mann Hann.
Hope you get to visit there soon.



  1. Coolness! I received the travel sized BB cream in my latest BDJ box and so far I'm liking it. Can't wait to read up on your reviews!

  2. Thanks! I'd like to read about your review on their BB too! :D

  3. Since I'm already loving the BB cream, I'd like to know what you think of the lip sticker--was not able to get myself one during the store opening.