Saturday, July 20, 2013

MAC Hello Kitty Sweet Strawberry Lipglass

Hi loves!

I rarely buy lipglosses nowadays since I prefer lipsticks over them but I just had to get this when I saw it on sale at Hollie's Blog Sale.

Beside it being a lot more affordable since it is already pre-loved, it looks soooo cute! I'm not a collector of Kitty products but I still like them! 
The shade is pretty cute too. Something wearable that you can use in many looks. I love the bluish glitters too. 
And it's very pigmented! Lasting power isn't much since it is a lipgloss but I don't think that a long lasting quality should be expected in most lipglosses. Better to just stick with a lipstick if that is the case. :P
This is the applicator.

And below are swatches on my lips: 

I so love the color and the effect of this product!

The gloss doesn't feel greasy and you can smell a slight vanilla-ish smell.
This is a limited edition makeup from a long time ago.

That's all for this post! Happy weekend, guys!



  1. The glitters just take it to a whole different dimension. I love the rainbow glitters. I can even see some blue ones!!

  2. cute lipgloss!!! and the fact that's it in a hello kitty tube makes me want it! good buy, dawn! :P

  3. Tellie - Yes! It's quite unusual and beautiful! It's quite wearable too!

    Hazel - Thanks! It's a collector's item! :D