Monday, October 15, 2012

Gifts from Khloe & Stella Shop

 Hello everyone!

A week ago, I received a generous gift from Alex of Khloe & Stella Shop.
 The shop is new to me since I barely check online stores nowadays (too busy... eek!). I'm not familiar with much actually. But I checked their store right away when I received their email and I saw the different items that they are selling. They have clothes, accessories, bags, phone cases, wallets, and even makeup in very affordable prices!

Anyway, when I got home the next day, the package was already at my house, sitting patiently at my dressing table.
 It even included a sweet letter from Alex. :)

What impressed me is that they wrap their items in paper bags when they ship them. Help Mother Earth! ♥

And as I unwrapped the package...
 I found these two adorable items!

 A Carry-all-makeup bag and a mustache ring! Yayyy!

 At first, I was like, "oh, I already have a cute makeup bag." But I noticed it has two zippers. The other one was a compartment that you can store your powders and blushes and the other part was...

 A place where you can place your brushes and smaller cosmetics in a more organized manner! It even has a small mirror inside!
And what I like most about this bag is that it isn't bulky since it stores my items in a very orderly fashion. Easy to bring along with you anywhere you go!
I like it so much that I have been using it ever since I got it!

 And here's the mustache ring! Yayyyy!
I actually wanted one ever since I first saw it some months ago.
I like that it's adjustable since I have chubby fingers. :P

 Isn't it just cute and quirky?

Thanks a lot Khloe & Stella Shop for these wonderful gifts! I truly love and appreciate your generosity! ♥ 
Hopefully we could do business again when I get some cash. I am eyeing some of your accessories!

 If you want to check out their items, here are their sites:

Are you aware of Khloe & Stella Shop?
How do you like their items?



  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful entry Dawn. This really means a lot to us!

    We look forward in doing more collaborations with you soon!

    Much love,
    Alex of Khloe&Stella

  2. the mustache ring is super duper cute ^_~

  3. Alex - You're very welcome. Thanks again for the items! :D

    Janet - Super agree! ♥