Saturday, October 13, 2012

Review: Pop Beauty Eye Cake in Bright Blues

Hello ladies,

I was able to loot a few make ups from the 80s make up gig that we did in school. Make ups used that day were all generous donations of my classmates who had make ups to spare, you know, the ones people give you but you don't really like or need... So anyway, one of those make up products was this POP Beauty Eye Cake in Bright Blues.

The colors were perfect for the 80s make over that we were doing that day. However, this was not used a lot since the colors weren't as pigmented and it was hard to get it onto the eyelids to get the color to pop (oh the irony!).

Swatched over the arm with my fingers.

I did try the wetting-the-brush method for glittery make ups and I got better results. 

Swatched with wet cotton buds.

Finally made it live up to its name and made it POP!

Here's a basic uhm... Blue winged eye I did on myself... I just did the eyes so the rest of my face is still very oily.

Sorry about the low quality pictures, was using my Ipad to take them and since its not the 3, the quality is not so good.

What I like:
colors are super nice

What I don't like:
not very pigmented
fairly long lasting if you used a wet brush

Anyway, hope you like this post and hope for all the students like me, we get through the last hoorah of the semester.



  1. Wow this looks so pretty and pigmented. I've never heard of this brand.

  2. @anna ho - they are pretty, but you need to wet the brush when applying it to get the pigments out. :)

    @janet - i felt so happy that my classmate gave them to me.

  3. That's too bad they aren't that pigmented on their own. That's what I've been hearing, that their proucts are hits or miss and somewhat overpriced. Although I like the idea and they have cute packaging! like your eye look, the blues really pop!

  4. i love doing 80's makeup. It just pushes you to be more creative. The colors are perfect for an 80's look and even better when you wet them... xD