Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Body Shop: LYB Members Only Party

Good evening lovelies,

For all you LYB members there, I hope you were able to catch one of The Body Shop's awesome event for the LYB members. Just for that day, Trinoma Branch fast forwarded to Christmas. So all their seasonal products for Christmas were all out there to be enjoyed by their loyal LYB members.

Presenting the return of the holiday products we all love...

The cranberries... JOY!

And the vanillas! :)

And the body butter lollipops... so cute.

Stacks decked out and ready for an early Christmas presentation.

Of course, since The Body Shop takes good care of its LYB members, they've  made sure to really "give joy" and make them have the genuine Christmas season experience.

Let's start with...

the scrumptious cupcakes that are always there in every event. :) LYB members can help themselves to these yummy treats by simply being there.

Tailor made gifts

So they've gone to letting you specialize your own gift sets and for a minimum price purchase, you can have them inside either these adorable tin cans (minimum purchase of 3000) or small crates which are locally made (2000).

For example... these items... you choose as your customized gift set. Neat huh?

Discounts, and HUGE ones. They even add another price slash off for the members!

And of course, the free make over.

During this event as well, they released their winter trend make up which will be out sometime November. 

And here's our adopted sister, Helen, trying on the winter trend collection.

As another bonus, LYB members can get early reservations for the collection and be able to specify exactly which branch to go and pick them up.

Also, for LYB members attending the party, with a purchase of 2 items they get 1 item free (cost same as the lesser priced item)

Here's Dawn's purchase with the buy 2 get 1 free

But The Body Shop's giving of joy does not stop there. Exclusively for LYB members, you get a free mug, with the winning design from their design contest a few months back.

And YEY for the Thomasian winner. :) GO USTE!

Lastly, also for a minimum purchase, you can get your caricature, or your loved ones caricature. During the event, for LYB members, the caricature is free.

The caricature artists

Here's Helen and her friend, Justine, getting their caricatures done.

And since Liz is finally an LYB member, here's her caricature.

For that day, application for LYB membership was FREE! That's right, FREE, so everybody who visited the store could experience all the perks of being a member.

Here's Liz finally filling out her application form and finally becoming an LYB member.

Other pictures during the event.
Liz with Danica, Helen, Justine, Mavic, and Nicole

Liz with Mavic, Nicole, and Helen

Liz and Helen

And here are our loot. :)

Unfortunately we weren't able to catch the more renowned LYB members (one of them being Robbie), but it was a very fun event.

Hope you guys catch the next one for the LYB members, and for the non-members, do take the opportunity to sign up and see what The Body Shop has in store for you. :)



  1. Wanted to really attend this kaya lang out of budget na. Hihi. Just availed their buy 1, get the next 1 at 70% off. Masyado akong naexcite un pala they emailed me about this. Sayang. By the way, i really love body shop! Other than sa napaka generous nila sa members nila, their products work best with me. Skin care lines are superb as well.

  2. Love na love natin yung TBS, dun tayo lagi nagkikita e! :D

  3. Cause they take really really good care of us! :)