Saturday, October 27, 2012

Recent Obsession with Hair...

Good evening ladies,

So I've just started growing my hair out... cause I've never had LONG longest length before this one was during my senior year in high school.

Me during 4th year Prom

Then after a few weeks in first year Medicine... I got so frustrated that I cut my hair twice within a month resulting to this...

And I found myself liking this look... though for most people, they say I look like a guy... I feel like short hair suits me best.

But, I wanted a beautiful graduation picture when I graduate. So I promised myself that I won't get my haircut more than just a trim since I've noticed that my graduation pictures are prettier when I have long hair.

Problem was... I don't know anything about styling hairs... all I know how to do are your regular buns, ponytails, half-dos, and one regular braid. And well, I get tired easily of my hair especially when I can't play around with it to change the way I look... so, for months I struggled until I came upon this picture in Who, What, Wear

which introduced me to Bumble and Bumble and their many hair creations. They are professional hairdressers and have done some of the hairstyles for the recently concluded NY fashion week. This hairstyle was actually one they did for Mathieu Mirano.

Here's the tutorial/backstage video for this hairstyle by Rolando Beauchamp.

Long story short... after this, I got so obsessed with styling my hair I went through a ton of tutorials. When I first saw the picture, I couldn't find the video link so I had to learn how to do the rope braid first then on to experimenting.

Though my hair is still not at that length that it can look like that one I can now do a shorter version on it on me and a similar looking version of that pic on my sister, whose hair is long enough for me to be able to do all the other hairstyles in the tutorials/backstage videos in TheHouseofBumble channel.

I am very much obsessing on these stuff right now that I started looking for the tools they use like the hair bungees, the various combs, the substitute product for that thickening spray, etcetera etcetera.

Anyways, maybe one day I'll be able to do more personalized hairstyles then put them up here if anyone's interested.


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  1. Love the hairstyle on the video! Must try that soon :)

    The Misty Mom