Friday, October 05, 2012

Makeover: Of Overnight Braids and 80's Renditions

Hello ladies!
Finally it's FRIDAY again! The days just seem to pass by so quickly don't they? Anyway, since it's a Friday and we were dismissed early, I thought I'd take some time to write a post.
This is a trial make up look that Dawn and I did. I wanted to try doing overnight curls... which is basically dividing my hair into two and doing a plait and then sleeping on it which I'd let loose the next afternoon with tons of mousse in the hope of getting curly hair. WOOO... I think you get the idea.
AND voila!
Hello to curly big hair.
But, I wasn't too happy with the hair result and thought it to look too Bellatrix/early Hermione rather than pretty and polished. But then again, the hair reminded me of 80's big hair... and coincidentally, I was asked to do the make up for our cluster's presentation during the past Medicine Week.
It's an 80's themed presentation and I had little idea of what to do... and since I was at Dawn's place... what better thing to do than to do a make over/make up trial.
And so... here's my attempt at an 80's pose... not too 80's I think.
And the make up we tried/experimented on for the look.
It actually is more like Kpop met the 80's since Dawn did a double wing. :P
Sorry for the really bumpy face... I've been getting a lot of break outs this September and I have no idea how to remedy them.
SO here are more pictures of the look...

Also featuring in this look is the Targaryen ring. It's just so beautiful... I had to wear it even if it's not with the theme.

So, sad to say I can't post pictures of the make up I did for that event/performance as
1. It involves our professors and they might not like their faces posted in a blog.
2. Not all of the make ups were done by me.
3. I'm not so confident with the looks I did for that night. I mean... by the time we started doing the make ups, it was crunch time so we basically played with a lot of colors and some might not really feel like they work... or something like that. And I don't have Dawn's "magic hands".
So, how did you find our 80's rendition? Any comments? Suggestions? Violent reactions?
Well enjoy your weekend guys!


  1. I think the hair looks nice!!! Ganyan ang gustong hair, parang beach waves. So pretty, Liz! :D

  2. Yay! Thumbs up for both of you :) Ok yung combination ng eye shadow colors.

  3. Awesome hair and makeup! ^_^

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  4. Ooh, I love the eyemake! Perfect! ♥

  5. Wow! I love the look!!! =D