Saturday, October 06, 2012

Review : L.A. Colors Auto Lipliner in Pinky

Hey everyone! ♥

I recently realized that I barely have any lip liners.
I don't buy them since I believe that I don't need them since my lips are already well-defined.
But while I was doing some makeovers with friends, I encountered someone that needed lip liner to make her lips look better with very bold lipstick.

So a few days ago, as I was browsing stuff at Watsons, I bought one from L.A. Colors.

 L.A. Colors Auto Lipliner in Pinky
It's worth Php119.00

Product Description from the website:


Lipliner Pencils line & fill lips beautifully. Enriched with shea butter to help nourish, moisturize & protect skin.

One pencil has this much product.
Quite a lot of amount for its price. :)

And it has 2 years storage life! Me likey since I don't think I'll be using it often. Even if the color is nice, I guess I am just not used to using lip liners. :P

Here's a swatch on my hand

And when I line my lips.
I actually smudge the liner after to make it a little subtler. 

And this liner could also make a good matte lipstick!

See? Such a pretty color.
I really like it as a lipstick actually. And unlike other matte lipsticks, my lips don't get chappy with this. 

This lip liner is indeed smooth to apply and it has a fairly decent lasting power.
It doesn't have a scent as well.

♥ Affordable
♥ Locally available
♥ The color is really pretty
♥ Smooth
♥ Decent lasting power
♥ Long shelf life

♥ None so far

So have you tried L.A. Colors Auto Lipliner in Pinky yet?
What's your favorite lip liner brand?



  1. love the lip liner <3
    Couldn't believe the price.
    very affordable.


  2. I dont use lip liner pero mukhang maganda to and affordable pa.

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  4. Such a steal! :) Thanks for sharing about this, I wanna try it soon! :p

    Arnie Villanueva

  5. We have the same shade. I also do the same and it makes my lipstick last a little bit longer.

  6. Not fond of using lip liners din but I bought one just for the sake of having one; but I don't use it pa rin. I bought mine from EH :)

  7. Ohh, it's a pretty color indeed! ♥ I have a couple from EH and Tony Moly ^_^ You should try them too! ^_^

  8. I don't really use lip liners pero this looks good

  9. ooooh!!! Love products that are affordable! Will definitely try this one! Thank you for the post! I really enjoyed your blog! Hope you can visit and follow my blog too! Thank you and more power!

    XOXO (

  10. ang ganda ng color Dawn. (magtitingin din mamaya) hahaha