Monday, May 02, 2011

What's Your Favorite Red Lipstick?

"Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick."
- Gwyneth Paltrow

I'm recently a fan of red lipsticks. I used to avoid them since I'm not sure if i can pull it off because some makes your teeth look yellow, some will make your dark spots more visible, plus I love putting vibrant eyeshadows so having fierce red lipstick on would look too much. But having and knowing the right colors to put on can do the trick!

So here are the lipsticks I have right now:

 Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Italian Rose

This is the lipstick I use very often. It's more on the nude side so it's very safe. Whenever I use it, people often say I look "glowing." Plus, I love the packaging -- very classy. It doesn't make your lips chap but the staying power isn't as long as I would want it to.

Avon Simply Pretty Lipstick in Daring Red
 This one is a very dark red with a touch of maroon. I barely use it because it's too dark for me. :P It's very pigmented and it also doesn't make your lips chap.

 Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Wine with Everything

 This is my favorite red lipstick. It's very -- RED! It also doesn't make my lips dry and I don't have to re-apply often.

 Beauty Treats Lipstick in Ruby Ruby

 This is the newest one in the bunch. It's color is almost red-orange. If I can give an award to my lipsticks, this will win the Best Package Design Award. Plus, I love it's rosy scent! For more infos on this lipstick, see my review here.

 Avon Ultra Moisture Rich 24K Gold Lipstick in K100 Golden Rose

This one is sheer and close to becoming pink. The gold pigments make it look metallic. Love the packaging as well!

Let's not forget my darling little lipglosses!

 I only have three but these trio performs really well!

 Smashbox Lipgloss in Stunning

It's long lasting. I love that it has this little sparkly glitters on it. Plus the scent smells... yummy! :P

 Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Rose

One of the first red lipglosses I bought. I wasn't a huge fan of it since it came in a set and I loved the other colors more. But it still looks good! :P

 Urban Decay Ultra Glide in Heat

 I love this! Has cute sparkly glitters too but this one is more visible compared to the Smashbox one. It also smells good! :)

Well, so far, these are all we've got. Might get more... If i get more cash that is. :P

So what's your favorite red lipstick?


Around the year 2012, I became a HUGE fan of bold red lipsticks.
My favorite for a very long time is MAC's Ruby Woo, followed by Russian Red. :)


  1. I think Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Rose looks cute on your lips ^^ so nude and sexy xD~ love it

  2. @Lina Kim- Really? Maybe I'd use it soon just because you said that. haha! Thanks! :P

  3. i like the nude ones with a hint of pink... problem is i can't really find the right shade yet... hmm...

  4. @Liz- All it takes is a bit of shopping! haha! let's look for it some time. :P

  5. Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Italian Rose looks so pretty and natural on you. :D i generally inclined to pink lippies. ;)

  6. @Sugar - Thanks! I love that color as well. I'm more on the peach, and now also red. I look better on warm tones but I sometimes go with pink too. :P

  7. MAC's russian red and ruby woo are always on my list. :)

  8. @Beauty Junkee - I've read several good reviews at MAC's russian red and i'm very interested in trying it out myself! :)