Wednesday, May 18, 2011

NOTD: Sparkly Pink Leopard Print Nails

I wanted to practice more on doing nail art. While I was thinking of what design I'd do, I saw my planner and decided to do a Leopard Print!

 My Planner

I used my new Chic Classics Nail Polish in Purple Frost as my base because I just love the color and some Gold and Black for the print.

 And of course I added some glitters because as I have mentioned before, I love almost everything that glitters! :P

I think I'm getting better and better in doing nail art. This is only my third time and I'm actually proud that it looks good even on the right hand. I even joke around telling people I'm ambidextrous! :P



  1. Great work, and I love the color combo! You're definitely improving - I clearly remember my own third attempt at nail art wasn't that good looking. XD

  2. Cool! Your designs are getting better and better :D

  3. Thanks, Dee! It's all thanks to my training from my college. :)

  4. coooooollll!!! this looks super awesome dawn! :) more NOTDs please.