Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Night with Maroon 5

The night I have been waiting for came. I finally saw Maroon 5 in concert last May 23, 2011 at SMX Convention Center! (Excuse the low quality pictures because I only brought our little digicam. I thought DSLR's weren't allowed inside. :P)

The day was almost perfect except for some few circumstances...

My friend, Liz, who's going with me to the concert wasn't feeling so well. Her stomach was upset. But as an avid Maroon 5 fan like me, she insists on still going.

And after we ate our early dinner, it suddenly rained hard. We had to cross from the main mall (where Krispy Kreme is located) to the SMX Convention Center without any umbrellas.

Look how wasted we look after getting wet from the rain. haha! :P

Our makeups have melted from the rain and the long wait. :P

And we got into the line later than we wanted to. We just hoped we get a good spot to have a better view.

Look at that endless line! We were in line for at least an hour and a half.

When we were finally inside, we got into a pretty good spot. We were waiting there for around 2 more hours.

Liz and I trying our best to be patient... or to stay awake. :P

At around 8:30-ish, Liz needed a bladder break but Maroon 5 already started performing. If she left her spot, there was a huge possibility that she won't get back because of the huge crowd behind us.

But even if we thought our spot was good enough, the people in the Gold A and B part stood on their chairs which made it difficult for us to see the stage. Boo them! I was only able to see Adam's and Matt's (the birthday boy) heads. Good thing I wore heels and for the 4 or more extra LCD screens. :P

But Adam's soothing voice made us feel better. I didn't even realized how much my feet hurt since I stood for so long in my 4 inch heels. 

The band's performance was superb! They sang one song after the other without much pause. Like 1 to 5 seconds duration. We danced and sang with them as they performed their hits. It was a two hours straight partying! My favorite songs from their set list were 'Won't go home without you,' 'Stutter,' 'Never gonna leave this bed,' and 'Sunday Morning.' Also had fun when they made us sing part of 'She will be loved.'

We had a blast! We had so much fun that we've forgotten the misfortunes we've encountered before the concert. Maroon 5 never fails to entertain us with their music. I really hope they'd be back in the Philippines for the third time. I'd definitely buy better tickets by then! Haha! :P



  1. Oh wow you watched! Niceeee! :D

  2. Nice! I love this band but I wasn't able to watch them live. :( I love Adam!!! <3