Thursday, May 05, 2011

[Hair Rebond] Affascinante Salon Once Again!

Hello girls! 

Got my hair rebonded for the 3rd time at Affascinante Salon, c/o Ms. Weng and her wonderful staff (new faces, but same happy enthusiasm). Read about my old post here.

I came by last Tuesday. My hair's in pretty bad shape for two reasons:
  • Since December, I have had colored it at home three times (because it grows really fast!). The shade I'm sporting now is Hortaleza Professional's Light Beech Blonde + 12% oxidizing lotion from HBC.
  • I just came from the beach, and went sunning and tanning in full glory!
Lovely lazy shot, but super dry mane! Ack!

Even Ms. Weng was shocked at how sad the state of my hair was. So as usual, she was very meticulous all the way, monitoring the length of time the chemicals stayed on my hair, because the strands were so porous that they just "drank" everything. I was advised not to get my hair regrowth colored yet until June. I could feel that Weng was a bit sad that my hair's not as good as it used to be (I became ashamed too for not taking care of it) and I was touched about that. Oh my. 

I am aware that the ends are frazzled, but trust me: this actually looks good compared to how I looked before. I paid PhP 2, 700 (inclusive of the treatment and the tips) because I'm her suki --- aside from hair rebonding, I've tried her other services as well, such as cut, color and super intensive hair treatments in the past. =)

Sure, I have been tempted to stray and try new salons, but I guess I am sticking with Affascinante. I feel that Ms. Weng really establishes a well-informed, honest and sincere relationship with her clients. Plus, I think I'm "hiyang" with the rebonding formula being used --- not too harsh!

That's all for now.



  1. your hair looks so healthy and makes you look more gorgeous trace! :)

  2. Thanks girls! Appreciate it. :)

    Sugarpao - you're the sweetest! Your comment made me feel good after such a tiring day! =)