Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The World is Your Runway!

Now for a treat: 
A different kind of blog!

Here's a site you will enjoy looking at everyday: http://missdmeanor.tumblr.com/ by Dens Congco, our makeup artist, manager, business girl and fabulous cousin all rolled into one! She's the face behind the infamous The Makeup Den.

As she candidly describes her new blog:

[disclaimer: this is not a fashion blog as obviously, i am no fashion expert. this is just me trying to document the life of a 20-something marketing practitioner-makeup artist-entrepreneur who gets up everyday, looks at her closet and wonders, "Okay, D! How shall you present yourself to the world today?"]

Document your gorgeous days!
And glam things up with accessories, too!

to be happy and beautiful each day!

Dawn and Trace

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