Saturday, April 30, 2011

NOTD: Elianto Nail Polish no. 24

I  wanted a soft, light colored, yet playful color for my nails today so as I was looking at my box of nail polishes, I found one of my old nail polishes which we've blogged about before.

 I used our Elianto Nail Polish 24. It still performs well after 9 months. It's easy to apply and has not gone sticky yet. Although you need to apply 3-4 coats for it to be this opaque.

Then I added Caronia Nail Polish in Crystal on top to give it a frosty, sparkly finish! I love anything sparkly! haha. :P



  1. I have this shade too! That's a cute thing you did, layering a sparkly topcoat over it - now it reminds me of cake frosting. :D

    It's sad Elianto closed down all of its stores here, isn't it? They made good nail polish. :(

  2. Dee, glad you liked it. :)

    They did? I'm not informed! I guess I haven't been going out much. :P It is sad... I love their nail polishes and some of their other products. :(

  3. I wanna try Elianto polishes but I can't find Elianto stores/counters anymore :/ I should've gotten some when I had the chance.

  4. Aya, it is too bad that there's no more Elianto Stores. I was even thinking of buying new ones while I was browsing my nail polishes. :(

  5. these are so pretty! i wonder if there are still any elianto stores around? hmmm

  6. Sugar, I'm hopeful that there is still some left. I would love to purchase more of their nail polishes. :P