Saturday, May 28, 2011

Of Haciendara Hats and A Simple Nail Art

Summer hats, or haciendera hats as I call them, were Liz's pasalubong for me from Bicol. I've always wanted one of these. She gave me this one :

Isn't it just gorgeous?! And she got this for less than Php100!

She said this hat reminded me of her that's why she got it. And I do agree! It is just my style! :)
 She also bought more of those hats for herself too!

 The two on top is hers and the one at the bottom is mine. <3

And since she's already in our house, I asked her to model the hats for me. Of course I had to do her makeup as well! haha! :P
 Here's Liz with my hat.

 with the white hat.

 and with the brown one.

And I also played with her nails so I can practice more on nail art. She wanted something simple. She had a french tip on her toe nails so I did that as well and put a blue flower on each nail with a few dots.

 Simple and cute! :P

Liz likes going to our house when she wants to be prettified. She sometimes calls our house her pamper place. I could see why. I just love making my friends more pretty. I'm like their fairy godmother! haha! :)


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