Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My First Attempt on DIY Nail Art

I have mentioned in one of my older posts that I purchased some nail art brushes. I've always wanted to have some so I can do the designs myself. I was very excited to try them out myself and I did without any knowledge on how to use them. This is what my first attempt looked like: 

It was a disappointment. I did not have control on the brushes, some of the colors were clogged up, and it looked dirty! :P

Determined to know more about nail art so i can do better next time, I browsed for videos and blogged posts and I think these gave me the information I need:


Thank you so much, Karina and Nikki ! Your posts were a big help! :)

So now I'm sporting this design I made yesterday!

Quite better than the first one I did in my opinion. :P



  1. Yey looks nice! I've yet to do some nail art-ing :/ Dunno what design to do :/

    BTW, I'm having a giveaway right now. Check it out if you're interested:D

  2. Thanks, Aya! I'll go check it out! :)