Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review: Beauty Treats Lipstick in Ruby Ruby

 Beauty Treats Lipstick in Ruby Ruby (303)

Last month, I had a project in our photography class where I needed to make a Product Advertisement. I already shared in one of our posts that I had my sis,Tracy, as my model, but I also need a product shot as well. I went to SM San Lazaro to look for a lipstick that has a really good looking package. As I was browsing around, I encountered the Beauty Treats Stall and I find the packaging of their products really unique and very classy. I immediately bought a red lipstick without even trying the product at all. :P

After the photoshoot, I finally tried the product out! I actually loved it! Once I applied it, my first thought was ambango! --- It has a rosy scent. It has a smooth texture which makes it easier to put on. At first it was a bit sheer but after some time of using it, it gets more and more pigmented. So here's the photos when it's applied:

On lips. It's sort of a red orange color.

applied on paper

applied on skin.

 My friends think it looks good on me. I think so too! haha. :P

 I was really surprised how good this product was because I didn't even tried it out before I bought it. It stays quite long as long as I don't eat stuff other than finger food. It doesn't make my lips chappy although sometimes it tends to clump together at some parts of my lips over time. Plus, it's very affordable at about P250 only! My sister actually bought another color. Will post about it some other time. :)



  1. it really looks good,sis!
    you ought to wear more reds!

  2. Thanks, Thia. I'm actually using it a lot. I also use Revlon's Wine and Everything! Been loving red lipstick on me for a while now. :P -Dawn