Sunday, May 08, 2011

Puerto Galera Sunburn

Because it's Mothers' Day, here's a totally unrelated post from me:
my Puerto Galera vacation before Holy Week last April. I went there with my friends from UST.

Best part: not many people around! 
We had the long white stretch of the beach to ourselves!

We stayed at Tamaraw Beach Resort - beachfront! Clean, affordable, extremely nice and friendly staffWe (8 people) rented a two-floor apartment unit with 2 rooms, a dining area and a kitchen (so we had fun cooking our own food and playing house)! Plus, it's far from the uber-popular White Beach area so we had a relatively peaceful and relaxing time. I prefer silence over the noise, anyway.

And see? Beautiful waters!

Now it's been almost a month, and I still have this massive sunburn. While I like being tanned for a change, the stark complexion difference ain't pretty.

How do I get rid of this? Can anyone help?



  1. what a lovely beach >.< I waaanna be there. oh, and happy mother's day =D

  2. lovely pictures! aww you have a sunburn. :( i think you should use aloe vera to relieve it. >.<"

  3. Lina - Yes, it's indeed a beautiful place! =) Happy Moms Day to yours too!

    Sugar - Tried it! It helped with the pain. But now I want to get lighter... =P I hope bleaching soaps will help.