Friday, July 02, 2010

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Baby Balm 260 in Romantic Nude

Trace writes: When it comes to lipbalms, I am a bit picky. I don't want my balm too shiny/oily because it totally contradicts the look when you're in the mood for matte lips, I don't like it too waxy because that just feels weird and icky, I don't want it to have no color because sometimes I just want to put on the balm and go, and I don't want it too tasty since I lick it off *yum yum remembers The Body Shop balms*.

So thank goodness I was able to score this lovely little thing: Guerlain Kiss Kiss Baby Balm 260 in Romantic Nude (costs $31 in Sephora) from a local Makeup Artist selling some of her stuff. It smells absolutely heavenly - like dainty flowers in spring, not food. It has nice, softpigment and gives off just the right amount of sheen (no messy mega shine here!). It's even more of a sheer lipstick than a balm - but the difference, of course, is that it moisturizes SO WELL.

So yes, it's all the things I like and more - YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THE GORGEOUS PACKAGING. It's encased in this shiny silver bullet of absolute luxury. You'll want to take it out of your makeup bag and re-apply your balm all the time because just staring at it puts you in a trance. Okay, that's OA but it's really really pretty.

Here's the swatch!

Now on my lips (it comes out peach on me!)

Now on Dawn's lips (angelic pink!)

So  the only weird thing is that even if it's the same product, my sister and I don't get the same pay off. This kinda sucks, especially since cool pinks look better on me over peach colors, and the opposite goes for my sister. Maybe I need to buy a new shade (lemming Rosy Nude 261) - does anyone have $31 to spare

 I'm not sure if this is available in the Philippines though. Once I get a hold of the price, I'll update this post.



  1. oo nga tracy... it looks different.. peachypink sisters nga!!! hehehe luv it

  2. hahaha parang we have different oxidation levels no? =P thanks donna@

  3. lovely color! :3 it's so pretty! is this locally available?

  4. Got it online from a MUA! I think it's available here, I'm just not sure how much :)

  5. wow! neat packaging! Lovely Color! :D