Sunday, July 25, 2010

EOTD: NYX Runway Palette in Champagne and Caviar

in Champagne and Caviar, here are two looks for you as promised! 

I (Trace), as usual, sported more toned down look, good for mid-afternoon to night. While Dawn's eyes are all smoked up and cat-lined! Sorry for the brows, we weren't able to fix 'em up properly during the shoot. Eek!

Palette labelled!

Bare eyes

On Trace: Use #4 all over the lid. Apply #7 on the contour of the lid, and #5 on the outer edges, and blend really well. Put #4 on the middle of the eye.

On Dawn: Apply #6 as a lid wash, and #2 from the bottom to mid-level of the eyelid. On the outer half of the eyelid, apply # 8 and then #10 to form a triangular shape - concentrating #10 on the edges of eyelid. Clean up the excess below the shadowed area.

On Trace: Using MAC BlackTrack Fluidline, line the upper lid and the half of the lower lid. Slightly extend the line a bit outside.

On Dawn: Go all-out with the eyeliner! Line both upper and lower eyelids, and make sure you create the best cat's eye line ever!

Curl lashes, apply mascara, and and ensure you tightline so that no white areas on your inner lids are visible.

And if anyone is kind enough to gift us with Urban Decay's Naked Palette, we're happy to create two EOTDs for you. Hahaha. 

Trace and Dawn


  1. Both pretty. I like the smokey eyes with the winged liner. :P

  2. gorgeous looks girls! love them both :D and that palette looks amazing. wish i could find it over here! haha oh, if you ever find someone to gift you with the Naked palette.. tell them i'd love one too ;) hahaha

  3. Pammy - Thank you!!! =) Winged kung winged! My sis is all about drama haha

    Agnes - I appreciate the comment, dear. :) If there are NYX pre-orders there you should totally try this palette. It's so useful! Wish someone's kind enough to send us that palette! I've been controlling my spending (I have TOO MANY NEUTRALS) but UD is so tempting!


  4. love both! i noticed mas gusto talaga ni Dawn na winged yung liner right? =)

  5. Trace, yours very soothing while Dawn's version are sexy!! Dawn's smoky effect are seamlessly smooth! Eventhough both of you have similar eyes, I am very impressed how the different techniques made the eyes look really different!

  6. Khymm - Yes! She can pull that off even in her morning class! I guess girls with stronger features can do that. I have a small face kasi, when I try that look I look like slutty. LOL.

    Fish Fish - Thanks! We have different styles indeed :) Whenever we brainstorm on what product to use for EOTD, I'm always sporting the neutral wearable look and she gets the super dramatic makeup! I'm glad you like our post!!!

  7. Love both looks. Id go for Trace's look on a normal office day, and Dawn's look for a fun night out! :D

  8. September - Exactly my thoughts :) When I go out I sometimes ask Dawn to do my eye makeup coz she does the smokey eye well. - Trace