Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NOTD: Elianto Nail Polish

Colour Lacquer @ PhP 99
Strengthener @ PhP 130

Bisque, Thistle, Alice Blue, Strengthener

On Dawn: I applied Thistle as base, Alice Blue for a large french tip, and decorated with nail art stars from Divisoria. Cute right?


On Trace: I used the Strengthener as base coat, Thistle as color, and Orly Nails for Males as top coat for a semi-matte finish. A side story: I have successfully not bitten my nails for three weeks now - after 16 years! It's because I want pretty nails and hands, too!

We have both been looking for polishes that are of "pure color" - no shimmer, no glaze. These Elianto ones are affordable, but it takes two to three coats for the color to become opaque. You also have to work with the brush and be patient to make the finish look nice. 

We confess! We are not nail mavens and we haven't tried higher end brands aside from Orly bases and topcoats =( We hope to get some on our hands soon, hoping that these polishes are easier to use - less coats, fast drying time, easy application.

Dawn and Trace

P.S. from Tracy: I've also noticed that due to the thick layer of polish, it takes so long for it to dry. And even after 3 hours, I got some dents on my left fingernails =( What top coat should I use? 


  1. Ang cuteeeeeee!!! I love the color combination.

    Try the top coat from The face shop.It is quite cheap and it works for me :)

  2. So cute nails!!! I use the Elianto top coat without any problems even with thick, old nail polish. I just make sure that my first coat is already dry before applying the second coat then let it dry again then finish it off with the top coat.

  3. Really envy people with large nails, and can pull pastel colors well. My nails are so small they are so hard to work with. I did not realize how small they are, until a friend commented on them. No wonder the thumb fake nails just way too big for me. I like Sally Hansen Diamond Strenght Diamond Shine Base and Top Coat, nice and cheap!

  4. i also had a hard time drying 3 coats... i wasted a lot of the nail polish i bought because i couldn't dry them well... i did try applying one coat at a time and it worked. :) i just couldn't get that pretty finish. hehe! i like the colors of your new nail polish"es". :) Dawn, i'll try to make sure i buy you that set you want... i'm sure you'll post something cool for the nail art set. :)

  5. Ekshwai - Thanks :) TFS - will check out!

    Lady E - Should have gotten Elianto's Top Coat then :D Sayang! Thanks for the reco.

    Fish Fish - Same dilemma! (Trace) Will try to grow out my nails to see if I can pull off french tipped talons :)

    Liz - Gift Dawn the set and I will borrow! Haha :)

  6. these are cute colors~~~ i should check them out some time. i always tend to get dark colors so i have elianto's navy and olive :P

    i love em :D

  7. Geli - We both like dark polishes too! Easier to apply, less streaky. But pastels are too cute to pass up :)

  8. Suoer cute! :) I want to go to divisoria and elianto MOA tuloy to get some nail stuff. :D