Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Review: Kevin Beautymaker Aqua Light Creamy Foundation

Trace writes: I am always on the lookout for good, medium to full coverage foundation that looks natural. The reason is that I have supremely oily skin (like really, my oil glands are on hyperdrive) and light foundations slide off. After reading the reviews of Fuzkittie and WhenChichitsTheFan, I became obsessed with acquiring this promising little Jar from Taiwan.

Kevin Beautymaker Aqua Light Creamy Foundation 
(#01 - Light Skin Tone) / 30ml

Description: This revoluntionary new formulation contains valuable minerals. This moisturizer cream foundation hydrates the skin, evens out skin tone, and provides a radiant satin finish and a natural, healthy glow. 

DIrection: Use sponge or fingertip and apply foundation to your face making sure to blend into the hairline and jaw line.

Ingredients: Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Deep Sea water, Silica, Dimethicone, Methyl Paraben, Dipropylene Glycol, Polymethylsisesquioxane/titanium Dioxide/stearic Acid/Alumina, Titanium Dioxide/Aluminium Hydroxides/Acrylates Dimethicone Copolymer, Cyclopentasioxane, C12-c15 Benzoate, Sorbitan Stearate, Alcohol.


From Imomoko

On white paper

On skin

Blended well 
(Looks perfect? No photoshop at all baby! That's how silky perfect this foundation is! It even gives you a glow!)

Shade: Best for NC20-NC25 skin. This has a very peachy tone, which brightens up the skin (like SkinFood's Peach Sake BB Cream).

Texture: Like icing! This has the best texture out of all the foundations I've tried (aside from Guerlain Parure Gold, which is understandable because, well, that's Guerlain and it costs a whopping PhP 4, 000!) and melts into the skin really well. It can be applied using fingers, a sponge or a foundation brush.

Coverage: Medium to Full indeed! (Unlike MakeupForever's HD Foundation, which is only medium for me)

Best for: Dry to combination skin.

Happy with: Texture and finish. Satin matte with a glow. Plus, the packaging is so pretty on the dresser, though it may not be as hygienic for more OC makeup mavens since you have to dip into the jar to get some product. But you can alway use a spatula. =)

Weird quirk: Looks very dark on pan (NC30) but when applied, it lightens up to almost a NC20!

Disappointed with: Its staying power! I swear it only takes 2 hours for my skin to oil up and for the foundation to fade away. I had to wipe it off and apply MAC Studiofix Powder to make sure I had ample coverage. BOOYAH =( But then again, that's me. Hyperactive oil glands, remember.

How much and where to get it: It's not locally available, and I am privileged to have gotten it through a beauty loot. However, there's a local reseller in the PH (wehaveit43) that sells this one at PhP 800.

Will I buy again? Nope. Happy to have tried it though. If you have the right skin type, do give it a try. Amazing texture and finish. Affordable for the quality!



  1. But the after photo looks stunning though! Flawless!

  2. Nice. It disappeared in your skin... :-)

  3. Lady E - I agree! I love the finish, parang airbrushed talaga. Unfortunately, my oil slick of a face can't handle it. I know other bloggers love this one though - Fuzkittie compares this to the Lunasol foundation which costs an arm. Parang whipped cream! Haha.

    Yen - Such a beauty right? We didn't change the camera settings at all. Nakakagulat, super silky and glowy.

  4. yay!! 800 lang?? very nice trace.. i so want din,,

  5. Hi Donna! Yup, cheap right? Affordable for such a luxurious-feeling foundation. Better siya sa texture compared to MAC Studio Fix Fluid or Revlon Colorstay.

    I actually wore it last night because sobrang impressed ako sa finish after this post, from 5pm to 12mn (went to a birthday dinner). Unfortunately, nagddisappear talaga siya on me =( After a couple of hours, it looks like I have only powder on. I hope it will work better on you :)

  6. hi trace,
    sayang.. my sis just came back from taiwan last month!! i want this! =)

  7. Chas! Sayang naman :) Ako I just sold mine kanina. Wala talagang staying power for me, eek. Pero the cover and finish is unbelievable! Better than MAC Studiofix Fluid by a mile.

  8. ate tracy, does the parure gold oxidize on you? I've been wanting to buy Parure Extreme for the longest time but am afraid to do so without trying kasi it oxidized on many.

    (I forgot my blogger password. :( LOL)

  9. Hi Christine! Yes, that's one of the reasons I sold it away :( I got the #3 Beige Naturel shade (which is already dark, around NC30) and that one oxidized on me pa! Yikes, you may have a problem getting a color match because the swatches on karlasugar are really dark, which I don't get since most of the target audience (French, European women) of Guerlain are light-skinned anyway!

    But grabe, super luxurious naman ng Guerlain. Smells heavenly on your face!