Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trace's July Birthday Mini-Haul!

Trace writes: It's my 24th birthday yesterday! I'd like to share the measely stuff I've hauled (just a few, really - my mother bought more than me). I am actually disappointed with myself - I intend to get more. Haha.

(this is actually a gift from Tita Chona)

(is anyone aware of local online stores that sell cotton/polyester tank tops with fantastic funky prints just like this one? Let me know!)

(coz I am determined to not bite my nails anymore!)

My family and I celebrated at Mall of Asia. We just had coffee @ UCC, checked out the year-end sales (totally underwhelming, sad sad sad), and dinner @ Fish & Co. BTW I did something horribly embarrassing (since my brother and sister wouldn't do it): I coerced our server to send over free dessert since it's my birthday. She obliged. And then I forced my mom, ninang and siblings to sing me a "Happy Birthday"!