Sunday, July 18, 2010

On Pretty Girls and Makeovers

Dawn writes: One fine Saturday I've decided to prettify two of my classmates.
Dear readers, meet Vireza and Anna.

Good thing they're both game for an instant makeover at school! Vireza requested a very natural look (and demanded that her eyebrows remain untouched) while Anna wanted sultry and smoky brown eyes. I've decided to not make things too dramatic (since we had to attend class, after all) but just enough to make a statement.

Items used:
Foundation: Maybelline clear smooth foundation, 4U2 (no.3)

Contour: DollFace Cosmetics Contour palette
Concealer: DollFace Cosmetics Concealer Palette
Eyeshadows: DollFace Cosmetics 88 palette, Pop Beauty Tan Popper
Eyeliners: The Body Shop (gold), 4U2 (purple), Fashion21 (black)
Mascara: Maybelline Volume Express Cat Eyes
Blushes: Pop Beauty Tan Popper, Skin 79 Diamond Collection Star Glow Cheek
Lipstick/gloss: Avon Ultra Moisture Rich (Heaven), Revlon Super Lustrous (SunSplash), Chanel Glossimer (Magnifique)

I hope you like the results!



  1. Thanks, girls! I like what i did on Vireza's eyes with the gold and purple eyeliners. Too bad i wasn't able to get a close-up picture of them. :P -Dawn

  2. You did a fantastic job, Dawn. :P

  3. thank you all! I might do another makeover with Vireza and Anna soon for our plate in Photography. will post it in the blog so hopefully you all will like it as well. :) -Dawn