Friday, July 30, 2010

Review: L'oreal UV Perfect SPF50

L'oreal UV Perfect Longlasting UVA/UVB Protector SPF 50
Even Complexion (Tinted)
30 ml

L’Oreal Skincare Laboratories have created the new L’Oreal UV Perfect Long Lasting UVA/UVB Protector – enriched with a powerful anti-oxidant complex – for an inside/ out protection against brown spots, skin darkening and premature aging. Tailor made for Asian skin, the XL Block provides optimal UVB (SPF50) and reinforced UVA (PA+++) protection. Can be used at the end of your skincare routine, or as a daily moisturising makeup base.

Bought for PhP 380 @ Cash and Carry

Paper Swatch:

On Skin (notice how runny it is!):

Blended (result is a slight sheen, almost zero coverage): 

My take? 

It's a decent sunblock, but it is not my type - on the oiliness part, I'm disappointed. It makes the skin shiny and my foundation (Revlon Colorstay or MAC Studio Fix Fluid) cakes with it underneath. I have tried using it after moisturizer or mixing it with moisturizer so that I don't put too many layers on my face... And no, not a huge dollop of sunblock (unlike what most beauty gurus recommend), just the size of a 25cent coin. Unfortunately, even with all these experiments, my pores appear like craters and all the gunk on my skin ball up

I was so dyahe at school a while ago because of my cakey face!

The texture itself is actually quite runny and smooth so I thought that it will absorb on my skin better. But instead, the sheen really stays on the top layer even if I blot. So no - for very oily skin like mine, I don't recommend this sunblock. Dry/Normal/Combo skin types will probably have more luck with this.

I am not so sure about the mega-benefits (like anti-oxidants and anti-melasma claims) since I don't expect too much from sunblock. It smells slightly herby but not off-putting, pretty similar to L'Oreal face products if you've used/use them. The packaging is clean and basic (looks inconspicuous on my dresser!) and the plastic bottle pretty sturdy too. Plus, you can control how much product is dispensed since there's only a small opening.

It also leaves a slight white cast (not ghostly, but 1 shade lighter than your skintone) when your picture is taken with flash. Don't use it when you're getting photographed.

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  1. Yikes! That's not good. I hate wearing stuff that makes my makeup cake. :( I'll pass on this one...

  2. Yeah, sad :( It seemed promising pa naman at first :(

  3. I've been using this product for 3 years and I find it good since I don't apply any makeup. The extra sheen give the 'dewey' look on my face but I only use if I'm going out of the house. It seems Olay Total Effects goes well with this sunscreen since I use Olay for 5 years already.