Sunday, July 04, 2010

Love: The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Africa Ximenia and Salt Scrub

Trace writes: My favorite body scrub in the whole wide world? Okay, I haven't surveyed ALL THE SCRUBS out there, but of all the tubs of exfoliating goodness I am really, really in love with this one.

"A luxuriously creamy cleansing exfoliator with skin softening ximenia oil and Community Trade cocoa butter with an evocative, floral fragrance to leave skin feeling superbly smoothed, softened, revitalised and radiant."

"Ximenia oil - From the native African ximenia fruit hails this rich oil renowned for its skin softening and conditioning benefits."

Why I love it? For starters, it's not the usual watery scrub with sand particles. It is balmy (like body butter!) due to the cocoa/shea content, and you'll feel the salt particles once you rub the balm in. It exfoliates microscopically, I think, because the salt is very fine. But due to this formulation, do remember to smother this scrub on slightly damp or even dry skin. Not dripping wet, or else you'll just waste the product.

I try to leave it on for five minutes or so, to ensure I absorb all its amazing wonders. I don't know if that matters, but what I am sure is that when you rinse it off, the product releases this warm, smooth, aromatic and absolutely luxurious scent that fills the entire bathroom! It leaves you with exfoliated, very moisturized skin with a lovely sheen. And no, I haven't experienced breakouts using this scrub, probably because of the disinfectant properties of the salt.

I have actually been stalking this one for more than a year. I couldn't bring myself to spend PhP 1, 700 for a 350ml scrub, it's just too expensive! So on a fateful day in March, I found out that finally there's a Buy 1 Take 1 promo for the Bestsellers (buy a bestseller item, and then get another BS for the same price or less) if you become a LYB (The Body Shop's Love your Body!) member. So there I was, thousands of pesos poorer (yes, I bought other stuff), but a gazillion times happier. I got two of these tubs, two Strawberry Body Polishes, a Moroccan Rose Eau de Toilette for my mom, Vitamin C capsules that did absolutely nothing for me, plus freebies for being a new LYB member. And obviously, this scrub's my favorite in the bunch.

Curious? This is how it looks like on my hand:

Do go to your nearest TBS branch and ask the salesperson to help you test this scrub! I am sure you'll love it!

I have already finished one tub, and this is the second one - hence, the pristine condition. I plan to not whip it out for the meantime to conserve it while I use all the rest of my bath and body products. I think this will be heavenly to use during the rainy season - imagine a hot bath and this luxurious scrub? Wonderful! So I will delay my gratification, unless of course, The Body Shop decides to hold another Buy 1 Take 1 sale.

Oh, and I hope I did not destroy your budget. 



  1. oohh that looks like something I really want :)

  2. Try it out Katie! =) Thanks for visiting. I'll follow your blog - Trace