Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ilog Maria, Skinfood and Watson's Haul

From Ilog Maria in Silang, Cavite
I love this store! This is my third or fourth time to order in bulk. The items are affordable, so you can't help but get a lot to save on shipping cost (2kg is 200 pesos! Wah!) and the products are worth it anyway. No fancy packaging here as everything is practically wrapped in plastic or cardboard, so all you get is just total loving goodness. If there's anything I'm sad about, it's that there aren't any freebies (my bill is never lower than 1, 500 after shopping from them). Boo. But other than that, yay!!! I am bipolar, yes? 

L-R, up-down
Bamboo Charcoal Bergamot and Lime Soap
Rosemary Soap (Pink w/ green flecks)
Honey and Cinnamon Soap (Marbled dark brown on mocha)
Lavender Soap (Lilac) 
Kalamansi and Ginger Soap (Light Green w/ Golden Ginger Flecks)
Spearmint and Oatmeal Soap (Off-White w/ Oatmeal specks)
Propolis Pet Soap

I love these handmade, organic soaps! Unlike other "natural, organic, wonderful" ones I've tried before, Ilog Maria's soaps don't lose their scent nor potency. Talk about quality consistency! These soaps smell so good I place them in front of the airconditioning or fan, and turn either one (or both) full blast - and my room is surrounded with their combined scents! 

I've already used Spearmint and Oatmeal soap (Smells like minty gum, which I don't like) and Honey and Cinnamon Soap (warm and yummy, thumbs up!) since I ordered two of those variants. If you want more information, read about the soaps here! And of you have a pet, you have got to try the pet soap - it will make your doggie smell so good!

Propolis Cider Liniment (100ml)
Healing Massage Oil – Chamomile
Healing Massage Oil - Citrus
Propolis Throat Spray (30 ml)
Aromatherapy Oil (Jasmine)
Aromatherapy Oil (Ylang-Ylang)
Aromatherapy Oil (Bergamot)

Must haves in this list is the Healing Massage Oil in Chamomile (I actually use it as a body oil post-showering, and everyone comments on how wonderful I smell - like I bathed in a tub of flowers!), Propolis Throat Spray (Serves as a breath freshener, too!) and the Aromatherapy Oil in Jasmine (2 drops/200ml of water = face spritz/makeup fixer).

From Ruth (ruthieteezle of Girltalk)

SkinFood Peach Sake BB Cream # 1
Freebies: SkinFood Black Raspberry Young Yang Cream samples

Finally, a BB cream that is not gray! Why are BB creams gray-toned anyway? Nobody - even Koreans - is gray! 

Anyway, thank goodness Skinfood Peach Sake BB Cream is peachy/yellow and fits me well and it smells good. LIke peaches, toink. But I just think it's a bit light. Given that my face is so red, even if I am so fair-skinned I need to use a darker shade to adapt to the rosiness. Given the case, I need #2 or Missha's Perfect Cover #23. Anyone up for a swap? Check out the items here.


Watson's Bird's Nest Essence Sheet Masks 
(Got 12 pieces for PhP 290 only. Imagine - 24.2 bucks a mask? Nice deal!)

I've tried one last Thursday night and it's definitely better than The Face Shop's Vita C Mask! It moisturizes, brightens, and plumps up the skin. I think it also helps my face absorb my night creams better, too. And I am not alone in praising this product - read awesome reviews here: Lipglosseater and xbbkay.

And if you're wondering why I keep on getting stuff delivered this month, it's because it's my birthday already in two weeks! Gotta make myself happy =)



  1. thanks for following,hun!

    BB Creams break me out though it's one of the best finishes that i have ever used

    goes to show that not all good are good..

  2. Thanks too! =D

    I love BB creams as primer and SPF. I hope they don't break me out (I'm getting some bumps but I think it's because it's the time of the month). I agree that not all well-raved products can be disappointing! Hay.

    - Trace

  3. Hi. A new reader here. :) I love Ilog Maria's soap! I used to visit their farm and shop in Silang with my mom. It smells heavenly in there. :)

  4. Hi Care! Following you now =) I haven't been to Ilog Maria but I would like to... I could just imagine how wonderful that would be. The soaps are cheaper if you buy from there, right?

  5. Hi. i jst wnt 2 knw f the healing massage oil in chamomile is greasy wen u pt it on ur skin? nd how did u use their essential oils? tnx =)

  6. The massage oil is a bit greasy. May take time to absorb. I used the essential oils using a oil burner. :)