Friday, July 02, 2010

Ambush Makeover: Meet Liz!

Dawn writes: So my best friend Liz came over so I can help her learn how to draw. She's a freshman at UST Medicine (wow, right?) but she has a problem when it comes to sketching cells and tissues. In spite of this nerdy favor, I've decided to fix her up a bit afterwards!

Items used:
The Face Shop Makeup Base in Violet
Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation in Shell Beige
Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder Foundation in Sand Beige
Dollface concealer palette
 Dollface 88-piece makeup palette
Dollface Contour Palette
Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara
Bourjois Liner clubbing in Absolute Black
MAC eyeliner in Bountiful Brown
Nars Blush in Super Orgasm
Smashbox lipgloss in Candid

Caveat: If you think her skin post-foundation seems a little bumpy and too thickly applied, don't fret - those are actually beads of sweat! My room was sooo humid the afternoon we did the makeover. So sorry!

Here's Liz, no makeup at all 
(see, she's sweating already! Is it because of the heat or the makeup experiment? Haha)

Pancake-faced now with foundation and concealer

Face contoured and highlighted 
(see the difference a bronzer can make? hello, cheekbones!) 
and eyebrows shaded

Now with some neutral eyeshadow
(i told you - sweltering heat!)

Now with eyeliner, mascara and blush. Notice how I tweaked the liner? Liz has droopy eyes so to 'em her up, I had to do a little flick at the edge of each eye.

Eyes up close - very pretty, huh?

Now pouting with lipgloss with a great dose of shine (and self-confidence)!

Now let's see the before again...

And after!

All done and pretty! 
She now looks more awake with  bigger eyes, a healthy flush, and a glossy pout!

Do you think I did a good job? I hope so! =) 
Ambush makeovers are such fun!



  1. awesome Job! yeah, ambush makeovers are fun!!!!

  2. me next man! haha, i'm waiting for my turn dawn :D

  3. good job! me nextie!

  4. MAGIC TOUCH! MAGIC TOUCH! love it soo much! :) it's as if I wasn't stressed! let's do it again!

  5. Thanks, girls! will try to do more make overs soon (with air conditioning on haha). :D

    Rica: yes yes! we should set a date! :)

    Liz: we will! :P

    - Dawn

  6. you've always been so great girl!

  7. you've always been so great girl!

  8. Thanks, Dominique! hopefully i can do it again with you and the rest of our barkada! i miss you, guys! :)