Thursday, July 08, 2010

Review: Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge in Pale Pink

Hi folks! How are you all?

Tonight's review will focus on achieving that pretty bright pink pout everyone's been sporting on local TV. Yes, we've heard about MAC Pink Nouveau and NYX Fig, but we've found a different item to make the lips (and the cheeks!) look brightly flushed! The product we're loving this time around is...

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge For Lips And Cheeks in Pale Pink

This cream-based formula is great on both lips and cheeks for a sheer, stained finish. Available in a wide array of color choices for a variety of skin tones. For All Skin Types. Creamy and easy to blend - pat on lips and cheeks for a pop of color.
PhP 1500 in store branches locally

The picture above is the accurate color of the pot in real life, but as you can see on the two images below (1st swatch is on the Bobbi Brown website, the other as applied on white paper) the effect is a bit far off. So based on this info, you can pretty much predict the effect you'll get will be a surprise! Hmmm... Wonder what we'll achieve using this promising pot on our puckers?

So on to the lip swatches! =)

Dawn writes: I am channeling Ruffa Gutierrez, my friends! This color is a bright, cool shade of pastel pink on me. I don't super like the color (I'm the peach in the peachypink) but I swear I can pull off this lip with black eyeliner. I like that it looks glossy, too! Looks like I'm getting the color on the paper/site swatches.

Trace writes: It gets interesting now! On my lips, I get a different shade - although it's still cool-toned, Pale Pink on my pout warms up a bit. This time around, I've achieved the color on the pot, which is a cool pink with a blue/purple undertone. I think this shade is more wearable for me, since I can't imagine going out with a loud and scary '80s hue on my full lips! 

Sisters Summation: We love Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge in Pale Pink! This very pigmented creme rouge, even if it shows up differently on both of us, at least provides us the shades that flatter us more. It also stays on for a long time, around 4-5 hours if you don't lick your lips - incredible staying power, alright! But you have to make sure you out on a decent balm, since it can be a bit drying. But other than that, we're happy!

Dawn and Trace

P.S. from Trace:
This is a good creme blush too. I like it better than Liole's Pink Tint and Sophie Martin's Magic Blush - this one's easier to blend, and you won't smear your foundation when adjusting the color. Just be careful applying it on, since it's very rich in pigment. One or two finger smudges will suffice per cheek.



  1. You're bad! you're making me want that!:) hahaha..

  2. it's gorgeous, go get one! haha. i planned to post a pic of the item on my cheeks after foundie, but unfortunately, we forgot to charge the camera (we took the lip images two nights before). webcam shot won't do it justice!

    will try to update this post with a cheek swatch and let you know =D

    - trace

  3. Pretty! Looks lovely on both your lips. :P

  4. I have calypso coral. and i must say that the BB pot rouges are looove. :)

  5. This is such a pretty pink shade! I super love it! :)

  6. Pammy - thank you! i also think this may work on your fair skin :)

    Martha - Gosh, I am personally lemming for that shade! My skin instantly picks up color (as in a miniscule amount can translate to fully made up!) so I think workable for me ang Calypso Coral!

    Sugar - Thanks! Pinks are <3 indeed!

    - Trace

  7. cheek swatch.. pls pls pls..:)

  8. ang ganda!! i want one pero ang mahal naman nito LOL.

  9. hi khymm! feeling ko nga bagay sayo eh :) the pot is huge though, i swear it will last you forever kahit lips and cheeks pa everyday =P - trace

  10. wow. It looks nice. I want one din. can you do a comparison on how large is this pot :)

  11. Hi Bea! This one is .38 fl.oz/11ml. it's the size of a round powder foundation, even larger (most contain only 9g-11g) so this pot will prolly last forever even with daily use.

  12. I've been craving for Pale Pink, but I don't think the Pale Pink pot rouge is for me. I don't think I'd be able to use this color on my lips, though I think it would look lovely on the cheeks. Might just go for the powder blush formula, then choose a different pot rouge color. :)

    1. Definitely agree with your decision. I'd do that as well if I think the pot rouge wouldn't look good as a lip product. :)