Thursday, July 01, 2010

Trace's Favorite Brand: Laura Mercier

Trace writes: The easy answer to the question "What is your favorite brand?" would be MAC - tons of great stuff, a gazillion product launches per year, and innovative makeup. But not me. Though I love the brand (Studio Fix Fluid is my and my sister's favorite foundation ever! NC is so yellow though haha), it's just not adequate for me to become a loyalist!

I like the necessities-based, flawless approach of Laura Mercier. I prefer to think of the brand as minimalist and feminine at the same time. No shocking colors here, even if some of LM's counterparts are beginning to get more adventurous (Hello Bobbi Brown!) My addiction for the brand started when I was in 2nd year college, so you know where all my "baon" and "aguinaldos" went.  

Here are some of the items I have in my stash:

Undercover Pot (#2) – From the Flawless Face Kit in Nude (PhP 2, 750)

Secret camouflage (#3) (PhP 1, 550) - I've hit the pan!

Secret concealer (#2) (PhP 995)

Translucent loose powder (PhP 1, 550)
Stardust Shimmer loose powder (PhP 1, 550)

Second Skin Cheek Colour in Azalea (Old version and packaging) and Baby Pink (PhP 995)

Eyeshadows in Desire and Mermaid (Older version and packaging) (Price unknown, prolly around PhP 800 each)

Mosaic Shimmer Bloc in Gilded Garden (PhP 1, 500 @ CareFreeShopper)

Eyebrow Pencil in Blonde (PhP 795)
Secret Camouflage and Camouflage Powder Brushes – From FFK

Velour Puff and Egg-shaped Sponge and Exclusive Cosmetic Bag– From FFK, excuse the used sponge haha


Though not in the pictures, I have also tried the Regular and Oil-free Primers, Oil-Free Foundation in Warm Ivory, Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer in Nude, Eyebase in Linen (swapped away and regretted it!), Blushes in Nectar, Rose Petal, Crushed Hazelnut, (the first two broke and are now in mmu containers, the last my sis and I were able to finish up), Undercover #3 (old version, without loose powder) Lip glaces in Ambre Rose, Rose, Bare, and lipstick in Bare Lips (not a fan of her lip products though). Makes me regret not having a blog years ago so I could have reviewed all of them before they went away! *sniff*

Unfortunately, I don't have enough cash to keep up with all her releases, but if I were....*greedy grin*

My absolute favorite? Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage. Best concealer ever made in the entire world. (Yes, this categorical statement demands a review.)

PS. If you want me to make a detailed post about any item here, just let me know!


  1. Lovely collection! Gotta start testing out Laura Mercier's products soon :)

  2. That's a very pretty collection! LM is available in Rustan's right? I think I'll check it out.

  3. yay!!pansin ko nga tracy dati pa even in gt you love LM!! ang ganda nung mosaic blush.. btw, how much itong lay out ng blog niyo?? very pretty.. glad to help yah

  4. Bec: Thank you! Do so! It's not as all-out as MAC and NARS, but LM has pretty amazing products. :)

    Lady E: Yup, got most of them at Rustan's! I like shopping at the RP Manila branch since most of the items I need are available. Sa Makati branch, gosh lagi akong nauubusan.

    Donna: Indeed!!! Si fuzkittie ang nag reason why I grabbed that mosaic blush. I do want orchid mosaic too nga lang, hahaha. :) c/o Mikki, around 800. May prepared layout na rin kasi kami. She works super fast, galing!

    Cheers, girls! :)

  5. tracy, cant wait for your reviews sa secret concealer and the undercover pot hehe.. =) btw, we have the same skintone =)

  6. hi khymm! sure i'll try to do a post on all my LM concealers :)

    i actually bought NYX's beige concealer because according to your blog, it's your perfect match! :) so perfect din sakin :)

  7. glad you like your secret concealer. too bad, that one didn't work on me. I'm loving make up for ever's lift concealer. best concealer evahhh! :)

    btw, is the secret camouflage a good thing to use on the undereyes? thanks!

  8. Hi Martha!

    I don't love the Secret Concealer as much as I love Secret Camouflage! =D I can let it go actually, but #2 is very peachy so I think it can double up as a corrector before putting on the real concealer (in my case NYX Beige or Camouflage) during horrendous days. Haha!

    For most people, I don't think Camouflage will be good for the undereye area unless it is moisturized very well. The concealer itself is very dry - so I only use it on the outside area (where there are no lines at all) and it works! I have super oily skin, BTW. Skin that even Revlon Colorstay can't handle!