Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Review: BYS Jumbo Liquid Eyeliner Pen

Good evening ladies,

I have been using this eyeliner pen from BYS since they gave it during their anniversary event last year. I'd gotten so busy in the following months after that event that I kind of forgot to share what I thought about it. So here's my review of this product.

At first, I wasn't all that happy about this eyeliner pen. First, it's JUMBO, so naturally I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to get a thin line with it. Second, when I first tried it during the event, I had to put some pressure before getting the line I want (thus I thought it was going to be one painful liner to apply). It laid around my make-up stash for sometime until I had to travel and pack light so (at the time) I felt forced to use it. After my second use, I never parted from it again.

I guess since I left it with the point down, it had enough time to soak the felt so when I used it again,it glided smoothly over my lids. One swipe and you get a jet black finish. The line is not as harsh as the older pen/brush type liquid liners and to me looks more like an in between gel and pencil. Also I found that I had better control with the jumbo than with my old thin pens.

Here's a swatch I did on my hand. 

It looks a little less appealing since I tried drawing a very thin line.

Anyway, here it is after vigorous rubbing.

Since I am prone to rubbing my eyes, I tried simulating that here. The fade out is still quite acceptable and I like the fact that it doesn't smudge as much.

Unlike previous reviews where I have picture of my eye immediately after putting make-up on, I opted to post the after 10 hours look.

This is exactly why this jumbo liner will be a permanent resident in my make-up stash. I did not retouch nor did I put any eye primers prior to applying the liner. It stayed jet black and without smudge for the whole 10 hours I was at work.

It's very durable but clean up is easy as well. I basically just wet a cotton pad with cleansing water, press it onto my lids for 5 to 10 seconds (no need to rub) and the liner comes off cleanly. I haven't experienced any post-make-up raccoon eyes with this liner so I'm quite happy.

I haven't visited Watsons in a while so I can't give you the price for this liner yet. I will try to update you with the price range as soon as I can.

So, would you give this liner a try? If you have, do share your experience with us.


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  1. Whoah NICE!!! Buti na lang you stored it tip-side down :)