Wednesday, February 11, 2015

EOTD: Subtle Shimmer

Hey dears!

I bought a cute floral dress from Dorothy Perkins and since it's so feminine and it already has a strong print, I wanted to go a little simpler but I still want it to look fun and feminine.

I went with shimmery shadows without my usual eyeliners to further define my eyes. I let my lashes do that for me. For the rest of my makeup, I went with soft pink shades to pair with the light and sparkly eye makeup.

That's the floral dress I was talking about. :)

Here are my close up pictures of my eye makeup (with the bushy brows LOL):

Here's a list of the makeup I used for this EOTD:

Here's a list of the other products used on this look:

Just use a shimmery pink on the lids, contour it with a gray-brown shade and finally dab some white glitters at the center. Use a purple liner at the outer lower lash line and use a silver-ish one at the inner corners up to the middle part. Finally, use a volumizing and lengthening mascara for the lashes!

And there you have it! My super simple and super easy to do eye makeup. 

It's a very light and cute look. I think it would be a nice day time Valentines day makeup look, don't you think so?



  1. Super pretty!!! This is something I can challenge myself to copy :D

    1. Wooot! I'd like to see your version of this look! :D

  2. I definitely think this is a gorgeous look and would be perfect for valentines! I love the purple on the lower lash line, it's sooo pretty and the dress is so perfectly feminine and easy to wear! I'm thinking of a simple eye and pink cheeks and lips!

    1. Thanks, Sharlynn! I just love using a very sweet and simple makeup look when I wear this dress. <3

  3. I think the look really suits the dress :) I don't always get to suit my face to my clothes, eeep!

    1. Haha! I used to be like that but now that my clothes are looking better, I'm starting to match the makeup to them. :P