Monday, February 09, 2015

PPS Bonding with The SAEM Global Eco Mask Sheet

Hey dears!

Liz and I (the peachy pink sisters) had a best friend bonding a couple of weeks ago. We had food delivered, watched movies, and pampered our skin with these mask sheets!

The SAEM Global Eco Mask Sheet

I got this from a my friend who went on a week vacation at Korea. She got me two sheets! Yay! The endorser whose pic is on the packaging is G-Dragon. He happens to be a member of Bigbang and my best friend, Liz, is a huge fan of him so I know that she would love to try this one.

So while we were watching a movie in our house, we wore the masks for 25 minutes. The masks were big enough to occupy our faces (and I have a big one LOL). It was a little difficult unfolding the masks because they don't have those separator plastic material. Just be extra careful so you won't tear it.

 The scent is mild and refreshing and I love that it is cool that it really made me feel relaxed. It doesn't have a cooling effect just to clarify. I say that it's cool because we had our air conditioner on and the mask is wet. :P

And here's me...

and Liz after taking the masks off...

Our face looked brighter and so refreshed after a sleepless week of school and work and duty at the hospital! Our faces felt smoother and more supple too. 

We've missed doing this regularly. Before, we see each other weekly but nowadays it's like once a month! Oh well. At least we still make time as much as we can with our busy scheds. Anyway, we loved the masks too and we really hope that The Saem would be available in the Philippines soon! :D



  1. GD Doesn't endorse The saem anymore is I'm not mistaken T^T SHINee took over na. I want some GD or maybe TOP masks too!

    1. Ugh! If TOP ever endorses a beauty brand, I'll be all over their products! Hahaha!

  2. I love korean face masks but I think I'd feel a bit weird if I saw this in person! I totally know and get that male entertainment personalities also use skincare and make up but it's a bit strange seeing a guys face on the face masks! Otherwise I'd totally love to give this a try!

    1. Haha! I know what you mean about guys endorsing these products... He also has those lipstick ads (but he isn't wearing it, just holding the lippie). But almost every Korean brand has a guy group endorsing it because the fans would support any brand their idol endorses. lol