Thursday, December 12, 2013

Review : Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB

Hey loves!

Back when I attended the Holika Holika first branch opening in the Philippines at SM Fairview, there was one BB Cream that I wanted to try so much. I've read good reviews about it and some blogger friends I came with recommended it so I was so happy that Holika Holika Philippines sent me one for review. They actually asked for my skin type, my makeup and skin care preference, and the products I'd like to try before sending this. I guess this is a product that really suited me since they sent me this—and I agree! Let me tell you why through this review. 

Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB
This 40ml bottle is sold for Php 755.00. You can buy this at their store or online at Lazada or Glamourbox.

I got the shade #2 Aqua Neutral. It's available in 2 shades—the other one is #1 Aqua Beige which is lighter.

The box has important labels such as product descriptions, ingredients lists, directions, and precautionary advice.
And as for the expiration date, it is labeled on the bottle.

More info from the website:

This product contains over 70% healthy aqua.  The moisturizing jelly texture on your skin is enriched with moisture, soaking into your skin and clarifying the skin, a new moisture technology BB cream. Jelly BB makes moist and bouncy jelly skin. Jelly texture spreads evenly and is perfect for covering up facial blemishes. This is a water based range of make-up. It is able to minimize pore size.


  • Moisturizing
  • Minimizes Pores
  • Good for Covering blemishes

How to Apply:
Take an appropriate amount and apply a small dab to your cheeks, forehead, and chin. With the tips of your fingers spread bb cream evenly throughout your face. To avoid bb cream from caking, let sit for 5 minutes before building bb cream up for more coverage, and before apply any loose powders to set it with.

The packaging is unique and cute. Although I really like it so much because of how it looks, I still prefer tube forms since I get the product out easily, especially when there's only a few left. Though I still have around 80% left on the one I have, I'm already worrying on how I will get the product out once it gets to around 10%. If you know any solutions to this, comment below (besides shaking it upside down or leaving it upside down when I am not using it—it gets too messy). And also, the bottle can be quite heavy so it's not something I'd bring with me. 

I like that this has a spatula. Makes it a little easier to get the product out since the consistency of this is... well, jelly!

It also comes with an applicator. It's nothing too fancy—it's just like most sponges, but it's very useful when applying this BB Cream. I suggest you dampen it with water first. The BB Cream dries really fast when applied so having a damp applicator slows down the drying process giving you enough time to blend the BB perfectly. Having a wet sponge also prevents you from wasting too much BB cream since it will not suck too much of it.

Here's the BB on my hand. The shade is warm which is a big plus since I avoid BB's that are greyish or too pinkish. The scent is like a mix of being zesty and floral—I loooove how it smells. I know some people who do not like products with scents but if you still want to try this BB, do not worry, the scent is barely noticeable after a minute or two.

The product feels light—like you're not wearing much makeup at all. It's something I like about water-based products. Other than that, it's easy to blend provided you apply it fast or with a damp applicator.

Here's the product when blended.

AMAZING! It looks like it's airbrushed!
The coverage is medium and it's buildable if you want more coverage. It also covers pores well. The finish is matte which is something I favor because I have oily, acne-prone skin and having a super shiny face is something I try to avoid at all times.

See how it performs on my cheek:

It covers quite well except for the really dark acne marks. A good concealer can take care of that. :) It's a little lighter than my skin but I can top it off with powder that can even my skin out. The only problem is that the shade I have is the darkest and it can be a bit tricky for those with darker skin than I do.

And here are some selfie shots of me with Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB on.

Those were taken at the office with fluorescent lighting.
I really LOVE the finish. It is matte, covered my pores, and I still look natural! And since it's water-based, it has oil control... amazing oil control. I only needed to blot after 4-5 hours which is rare for me when I use BB Creams. Also, I haven't experienced any caking when I use this. I never encountered any breakouts nor irritations from the product too.

So to sum it all up,

What I LIKE:

- Good oil control
- Medium, buildable coverage
- Warm tone that matches my skin
- Affordable
- Locally available
- Feels light on skin
- has SPF 20 PA++
- Covers pores
- Easy to blend
- Matte finish
- Looks natural and airbrushed
- The scent
- Comes with a sponge applicator
- No skin irritations nor breakouts
- Long-lasting and no caking


- The bottle (it's heavy and it can be tricky to get the product out when there's few left)
- Only two shades available

Would I buy again?
I usually say I'd rather try other brands but I think this time I will say, I WILL! This is one of the BB Creams that I genuinely fell in-love with and that is saying something because up until now, I still prefer liquid foundations to BB Creams in any given day. This is an exception. I love how this works on me. :D

I recommend this to people with combination and oily skin. I believe you will like this BB as much as I do. ;)

I guess that's all I can say about Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB. 
What do you think of this BB? Would you consider using this? Do you know other water-based BB creams that I can try?



  1. This product looks tempting! Kaso I'm not sure if the BB cream would be okay for me since I'm a little bit dark and I don't wanna look like I've been into a powder fight of some sort haha

    Awesome review! :D
    Will definitely come back here for more. Hehe!

  2. This looks natural on your skin and it also provides good coverage.

  3. I was wondering how long can this product last as i cant remember when i opened it... Shelf life is up to 2018

  4. I was wondering how long can this product last as i cant remember when i opened it... Shelf life is up to 2018

    1. I can't really say e. But usually, after opening, foundations and bb creams often last within 6 month to a year (some even more). Not an expert on that though!

    2. I guess its time to throw it away then, thanks a bunch!