Sunday, February 01, 2015

January 2015 Haul

Hey dears!

It's already February. I have a feeling that 2015 will fly by so fast... I do hope that the year would be memorable for me still. I wish I could go out of the country and see unique sights and learn other cultures. I'm hoping that our plans to go to some areas around Asia would push through... Anyway, enough with the dreaming. I'll share with you a number of items I bought last January. These are just a few and if you're looking for new beauty finds, sadly, I didn't get any interesting... well, at least for me. 

So... here are my new stuff. First, some items from Landmark Beauty Section... I've tossed the receipt, unfortunately, and I wasn't able to keep track of the prices. :(

Synthetic Makeup Brushes
I believe the Kabuki brush is around P299 and the powder is P199. Correct me if I remembered wrong please.

Foot brush with pumice stone
I do my own foot spa sessions at home when I need to save money. :P

Nail art dotters
Because I also want to save money when it comes to my nails. I still want my nails to look cute and I guess I can do nail art neatly anyway so why not do my own?

And the rest are bought from different stores...

A pair of Nine West Wedge Shoes
This is preloved and bought this only for P500.00. :) I wear wedges for comfort. Being on the heavy side and having small feet make wearing heels a torture so wedges are my go-to shoes if I want to be a few inches taller.

Cotton On lengthy red cardigan
Bought this for P800 and it was 50% off.

The Face Shop Phytogenic Infinite Makeup Base - P347.50
The Face Shop Diamond Shine Lip Gloss in PK102 - P197.50
I bought this in huge discounts, probably around 50-70% off. I got this at Multi Brand, UP Town Center, a shop where different brands put some of their items on huge discounts. I'm guessing these items are out-of-season, old stocks, or those that will be phased out soon.

And finally, some clothes from Dorothy Perkins. I also lost the receipt so I'll just give an estimate on how much they were bought.

This blouse was around P1.2k

While this dress was around P1.7k

And those are all the stuff I got this January. I'll post reviews on the items from The Face Shop sometime soon! :) 

Have an awesome February!



  1. Hey, did you notice if Landmark had a no-brand flat top kabuki brush? I have that huge rounded one and it's good.

    1. No unfortunately. I was in Landmark, Makati. There is a flat top brush one with a long handle.

  2. it's kinda sad for me that the kabuki brush of landmark is now 299.. diba dati nasa 125-130 lang yan? hehehe.. Great haul btw!

    1. I guess they raised the prices because the brushes became so popular. :P They're still more affordable than other brush sets!