Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Face Shop Diamond Shine Lipgloss in PK102

Hey dearies!

I'll be sharing with you this product that I got in a very cheap price.
We were at UP Town Center and I was able to visit Multi Brand where they sell products from different brands (mostly, if not all, under the Suyen Corp.) that are at 50-70% off. The sole beauty brand there is The Face Shop so I had to check it out and I was able to get this...

The Face Shop Diamond Shine Lipgloss in PK102
I got this for  P197.50 but the original price is maybe Php 400 and above. I can't remember exactly. :(

I'm not exactly sure why these products were sold so cheaply. But while browsing, I saw that some of the boxes had damage (the carton box, not the product packaging itself). Maybe due to the transportation from the country it's from? I am not sure. I also think that some of the products are out of season, especially those from the clothing brands. Anyway, you can check the place out and you can probably snatch a good deal. 

There were various shades available. I can't remember how many (oh dear, I am getting old). I chose this shade because it looks natural but also sweet and warm. It looks so close to the first few lip glosses I bought way back in high school.

Another reason why I bought this is that I really liked the pearly shine and the fine glitters it has when light hits it. I just love the effect!

The product is sheer though. Very different to the lipsticks I use. I think this would look great on top of my usual pink lipsticks!

Anyway, check out the product on my lips. I didn't use any other product on my lips except The Face Shop's Diamond Shine Lipgloss.

It still looks like my natural lips but glossier and plumper! I love the shine and the fine shimmer and I also love that it isn't sticky and the floral scent is very mild. 

Overall, I think this is a pretty okay product. I'm happy that I was able to get it at a very affordable price, but if it were on its regular price, I would have skipped on it. This isn't the usual gloss I'd go for because I prefer more pigmented ones, but this is a nice addition in my stash if I want my regular lipsticks to get a pearly and shimmery glossy finish!

What do you think of this shade? Do you own lipglosses from The Face Shop too?



  1. This will probably look good as a final "coat" for gradient lips :D

  2. Such a gorgeous sheer shade! I would love it to have a bit more shimmer though! Otherwise it's so easy to wear!

  3. I've used their powder foundation and i loved it but I haven't tried their glosses yet if I see them with that price I definitely will :)

    1. They are worth a try. It's fun finding products that are priced very low (which are still authentic!).