Sunday, February 22, 2015

Tony Moly Make HD Hair Lotion

Hey guys!

The air is a bit dryer than usual which made my hair more frizzy. My hair mousse ran out and I remembered I bought this product from Tony Moly last October that I haven't opened yet. I figured this would be the proper time to use it...

Tony Moly Make HD Hair Lotion

I bought this for Php 228.00. I thought it was quite affordable for a 200ml tube of hair product. I thought that this will help my curls look better. My hair is damaged and frizzy and I'm open to trying out different products to see what will work best for it.

So let's get to know the product first by reading what's labeled on the tube:

I use this every morning after I shower. I towel-dry my hair first the apply this product. I concentrate it more at the ends of my hair and not much on top of my hair since that area isn't much of a problem.

The product is cream type with a fruity scent. It's not too thick... if I have to use a comparison, it's just like an emulsion, not as thick as a night cream. It doesn't cause any sticky feeling and it doesn't make my hair hard like what hair sprays do.

Check out how it works on my hair:

Left: without product
Right: with product

It does tame the frizziness of my hair as seen on the photos, but not as good as when I use  my mousse. It doesn't help define the curls either... But what it does better is that my hair feels smoother and smells better than when I have the mousse on. I actually think that this is a good product and very affordable too, but I think this will work better with people with straight or wavy hair than to those with permed or curly hair.

And those are my thoughts on this product. What do you think of the Tony Moly Make HD Hair Lotion?



  1. Try the VS Curl Activator, it's super good!

    1. Oooh! I'll be on a lookout for that! :D Thanks for the reco! :D

  2. I can't recommend anything I stick to clear serums for shine etc.

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  3. I wish I can do the same but the curls needs some lifting which the serums I've tried can't give. :(