Friday, February 27, 2015

MOX Botanicals Lip Butter in Coconut Almondine

Hey loves!

My lips was annoyingly dry this week. Ugh! I really hate it when that happens. Grrrr... But thank goodness I found something that helped me "fix" my chappy lips and I'll be sharing it to you in this post!

MOX Botanicals Lip Butter in Coconut Almondine

You can get the regular sized product (0.2 oz) at Glamourbox for Php 740.00.

The one I have was included in one of my Glamourboxes last year. I only used it twice and my first thoughts were it was too thick and waxy for my liking. I also didn't like the taste and the smell so I just kept it in one of my "will probably use this in the future" containers. :P

Recently, my lips got so chappy and my current lip balms won't work in giving my lips the moisture it needs. That is why I looked for other balms that I have stored that I can use that might help solve this very, very serious problem. I took the MOX one because I remembered I used this on one of my friends who I did a makeover with. I didn't want to apply the balms I use because they were on stick form and was applied directly on my lips, at least with this one, I use lip brushes because I don't dip my fingers onto products in tubs. My friend really had chappy lips so I applied this first and fifteen to thirty minutes later, the dryness lessened. So might as well give it a try for myself and I am happy to say that MOX Botanicals did the trick.

I left it overnight and during the day, I apply it on my lips before I apply my lipstick and after only two days, my lips were back to normal! I still dislike the thick, waxy consistency and the taste and scent, but this sure solved my problem! 

I like that it cured my chappy lips but I still find everything else about this annoying, plus, it's quite expensive! Haha! It's 2-3x more expensive than my regular balms, although it's more hydrating... hmmm... 

Anyway, if you don't mind the waxy texture and the odd taste and smell then you might find this product great. 

Have you tried this product yet? Would you still consider using balms that are too waxy if it works really good? 


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  1. its quite pricey I LOVED my Burts Bees balm but I lost it :( I would use a product if it works tho..