Thursday, February 19, 2015

EOTD: Tomayto, Tomahto

Hey everyone!

Sharing one of the eye makeup I did a few days ago.

I don't usually plan what eye shadow and eyeliner I'll put on whenever I apply my makeup. I just go with the first palette I see and that's what happened in this EOTD. What made this special is that the eyeliners I paired the palette with made the colors similar to something. :P

As you can see on the photo above, the colors are a mix of warm pinks, that sort of look like sheer red, different shades of green, and gold. The combination looks good but these colors are usually associated with Christmas... except, the colors are lighter... it reminded me of something else... it reminded me of tomatoes! Haha! And that's why I named this look as such. Can you see tomato-ey colors too?

Anyway, these are the products I used.

Check out more photos of the EOTD below:

So what do you think? Does the tomato-ish color combination work? :)



  1. Haha, I totally see the tomato colors! But it works! It really looks good and the pops of subtle color make this a great look for daytime!

  2. Perfect cat eye! and I love the colors!