Sunday, November 09, 2014

Review : Heroine Make Lasting Mineral BB Cream in #02 Natural

Hey gorgeous!

It's BB Cream review time again!
The one I'll be sharing for tonight is from a Japanese beauty brand that I've only discovered this year. It's the first BB Cream I've tried from the brand and I got this from their launch last August...

Heroine Make Lasting Mineral BB Cream in #02 Natural

This BB Cream can be bought for Php 595.00.

Below is a photo of the labels on the packaging.

Love the 8-in-1 functions they claim. This made me more excited to try it. I have oily skin and enlarged pores and I also have dark spots I need to cover. Plus, it has SPF 34 and PA++ to help us block the harmful rays of the sun so reading that made me want to try it out sooner. 

The packaging is a very simple pink tube that houses 30g product.

It's easy to squeeze out the product and what I also like about tubes like this is that when you're almost finish with the BB Cream, you can cut it and scoop the remaining cream that you can't squeeze out anymore.

Now, for the exciting part...

Here's the product on my hand.

It has a beautiful warm tone that suits my warm complexion.

when slightly smudged

It's creamy but still light on skin. It is mildy scented, almost unnoticeable.

When blended

It gives a semi-matte finish and it's very easy to blend on skin.

This BB comes in 2 shades. The #01 shade is lighter while this shade, #02 is still slightly lighter than my skin tone. I guess it's a usual downside to BB Creams that they offer so little shade selections. My skin is already in the light-medium range when it comes to Filipina skin so this can be a problem to the others who want to try the product out. Better get a powder that matches your skin ready to top it off.

Bare face shot (left) and with the product shot (right) of my face

As seen on the photos, the BB Cream's coverage wasn't strong enough to cover my dark marks. I guess this gives only light to medium coverage. 

Although the coverage was a bit of a disappointment for me, the oil control part was quite impressive! It controlled the shine of my face for around 4-5 hours and it also stayed on my face throughout the day!

Check out my selfies below. I used the BB Cream here and topped it off with a loose powder of my shade. I also used concealer for the acne marks.

With the help of concealer, this gives my face a bright look. I think this BB Cream will serve me more as a makeup base than a "foundation" which is still a good thing for me.

Here's a summary of my thoughts on this product:

What I LIKE:

-SPF34 and PA++
- Long lasting
- Oil Control
- Packaging
- Locally available
- Sort of affordable
- Easy to blend
- Semi-matte finish
- Didn't cause any irritations


- Limited shades (only 2)
- Not enough coverage for me

Would I buy again? I don't think I will because I don't have an exact shade match and I also prefer more coverage (it's a hassle to use concealer on many parts of the face). But I would love to try out the other products of the brand! I already have a few I am thinking of getting! :D

Has any of you tried this yet? What are your thoughts on this?



  1. Ohh it is too bad about the coverage~ ^ u ^

    1. Yes. But I bet that this would work great with people with better skin conditions. :D

  2. Overall after the rest of your face make up it looks great on but I'm sure you could be better with a more beige/tan color! Most asian bb creams just don't go tan enough yet! Thanks for the review, I would like to try this!

    1. You're right. This isn't my shade and would love to have one that's my exact shade match. :D

  3. Never tried bb cream from heavy rotation before, I guess the shade available is too light for me :(

    Indira || New Post

    1. That's what's so hard with BB creams, they have limited shades. :(