Monday, November 03, 2014

New from The Body Shop: Fijian Water Lotus Range

Hello everyone!

Found another scent from The Body Shop that I think I'll be addicted to and I know most will also surely love!

Below is the press release about the range for more info about the new scent:


I received two products from the range. And indeed, they smell fantastic!

I tried the lotion the evening I received them and the next morning, when I was gonna wash my face, I was surprised that I can still smell the scent! I was so impressed on how long lasting it was!

I brought this at the office and all my female officemates loved it! They all found the scent really good and I think one of them plans on getting one soon! ;)

The lotion on the other hand is very much like the other lotions from The Body Shop but the scent is just addicting for me. I think I can pass my favorite Vanilla scents for now and use this. It makes me sleep better while I smell the amazing floral scent. Even if they market it for the summer, I think this is something I can enjoy at any time of the year. I really recommend you check it out in-stores!



  1. This sounds AMAZING! I'm a huge fan of natural clean air scents and I didn't see this in Body Shop today! I totally must check it out!

    1. You should! I'm totally loving this scent! :D

  2. sounds good :) i have their cherry blossom lotion and i like to layer it under my favorite perfume <3

    1. Oooh! You should check this one too. You might like it as well! :D