Monday, November 24, 2014

Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Master (Nude Collection) in Nude Orange

Hey girlies!

Looking for a fun orange lippie? Then look no further!

Let me introduce to you this product from Tony Moly...

Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Master (Nude Collection) in Nude Orange

This lippie costs Php 548.00

It has a shelf life of a year.

I really like the sleek packaging of this one. It looks very classy but there's a hint of playfulness there because of the chosen font. 

The applicator is a little slanted for easier application and I like that this doe-foot applicator can hold much product that can cover my whole lips.

A swatch on my hand

And here it is on my lips

It gives a nice, pigmented, glossy orange that makes your lips looking luscious and fun.

And that's me with the lippie on.

The color really brightens up the face. I love that this lip color never dried my lips and that it smells super nice—very fruity! Although staying power isn't that great... maybe it will stay for a good 3 hours without any major eating or drinking.

And if you want to add more fun to your lips, why not add a gradient effect? This lip color is a great base for that. I just add a nice red shade near the inner areas of my lips. Check it out below.

The colors remind me of an apple mango. So cute!

So what do you think of the Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Master in Nude Orange? Would you wear a shade like this? Have you tried their other colors?



  1. I so wanna buy this soon, Dawn!!!! I always forget to swing by at Tony Moly! I will remember this post! Hahahha! Thanks!

  2. This is soooo awesome on you! Love how the orange is slightly muted and it looks great on you! Your gradient look is great, I've never done that before!

  3. Pretty! I love oranges pa man din :D

  4. The gradient lip version looks super pretty. The orange hue gives it the trick in the end.

  5. Great idea Dawn! I've never seen gradient orange lips before! Must try this on lady danger and ever bilena hot summer.