Friday, November 28, 2014

Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner Definer in 005 Pure

Hey dolls!

I'll be sharing a quick swatch post of this product that my sister gave me. I don't use lip liners much but I've almost finished this particular one because I use this as a lipstick! This has fantastic pigmentation and the color is very, very gorgeous!

Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner Definer in 005 Pure

My sis bought this at Sydney so I don't know what the price is. But I bet that this was more expensive there than when bought in the US for example. LOL. She keeps complaining how most of the things are more expensive there. :P

Anyway, below are pictures of the labels on the packaging.

Short product description from the website:

Long Lasting precise contour colour Full Volume Colour and definition. Soft texture Fine tipped automatic liner

And it is available in 9 shades.

This is a twist-up liner—no need to sharpen! Yay! 

What I noticed when I first applied this is that it is super creamy that it breaks easily. A centimeter-long part just broke and fell off. Yikes! And I don't think I even applied it in a hard way. Maybe this happened because of the hot weather in the country that's why it got softer... I dunno. But oh well, just twist it up in a way that there's only a short amount of product showing, like 3mm. :P

Swatch on hand

Here's the product when I use it to line my lips.

Applied fully on the lips.

The color is a vibrant pink and it's matte. It really looks fabulous! But it makes the dry areas of your lips very noticeable. Plus, this can dry the lips easily. 

Below are my pictures using the product as a lipstick.

So what do you think? Have you tried any lip liners from Rimmel yet? Do you often use lip liners?



  1. Oh hey! The color looks pretty nice on! She says that a lot coz it's soo true hahaha. I bet that liner cost like $10- $12 or something haha

    1. True. My sis would buy makeup from a different country because the prices were too high.

  2. This color is sooo beautiful! I've owned a rose nude shade from rimmel and it is really really great as a base for pink to nude lipsticks! Visit my blog to join my giveaway too Dawn!

  3. awww..i love the color of it, looks good on you :)