Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Challenge Accepted—Jergens' 7-Day Challenge

Hello loves!

I'm on a mission. And it will run for the next seven days. Curious to know more? Well I certainly am!!! I just received this package from Jergens last Monday and I can't wait to start!

I was sent a challenge to complete a mission daily for seven days. They will be sending me an email or SMS for that particular day regarding my quest and I will be updating this post everyday regarding the progress of my missions.

But what is inside the Jergens kit? Well, take a look at these beauties.

These items are the tools I'll be using to complete each challenge. Interesting, right? 

It's been a while since I last used Jergens and I can't wait to try them out again and have more beautiful, healthier looking skin!

So tune in tomorrow to see what happens! Get updates regarding my journey by checking this post daily! :D




For your first mission, we want you to radiate beauty from within.  Take a bottle of Jergens from your welcome pack and share it with a complete stranger. Tell us why you chose that person and share with us her reaction when she received your gift, and post a photo of her with her Jergens bottle.

 I was supposed to do this mission yesterday but I was already at work when I received the mission and didn't bring the bottle with me. I had work during the day and a class in the graduate school until 9pm so I got home late already and quite tired because of the long day. So today, I made sure that I have my bottle of Jergens with me so that I can walk by the streets of España and find the person who I can give the product to to brighten up his/her day.

I was thinking of giving the bottle to one of our lady guards but I didn't see one during our lunch break. So I just went out of the campus and saw Ate Carmen. She's one of the vendors we often go to to buy drinks and snacks. I usually bring my baon so I rarely buy food from her but she's really nice. My officemates told me that she even let's them make "utang" or just let them get the food and pay her later. How can you not be a loyal customer? Haha!

Anyway, I think she deserves a nice treat and so I chose her to receive the bottle of Jergens that I have. :D

Ate Carmen with her new bottle of Jergens Age Defying Lotion

I approached Ate Carmen and gave her the product. She was surprised and happy to receive the lotion. I asked if I could take her picture and she was so "game" to pose for the camera. It seems like she was really happy to receive this gift and I also am glad that I am the one who gave it to her. This really gave me a warm feeling inside because I made someone's day happier, especially since the season of giving is right around the corner.

Hope you enjoy your Jergens Lotion, Ate Carmen! And I hope you get that healthier, more beautiful skin! :D

And that makes my first mission COMPLETE! I am so ready to receive my next one!




Apply the new Jergens only on your Left arm and leave the right arm bare for the meantime.  Take a photo of both arms, comparing the two and tell us your observations. 

The second mission is pretty easy. I just took my Jergens Daily Moisture Lotion and applied it on my left arm. Below is the picture of how my arms look like.

Left: with the Jergens Daily Moisture Lotion
Right: bare arms

These are my observations after I applied the lotion:
- It smells really GOOD!
- The lotion is thick but once it dries and gets absorbed on skin, it doesn't feel sticky.
- I don't think I suffer from dry skin but after application, my left arm just feels smoother and softer instantly.

And that's ends my mission! Challenge number 2 is complete!!! YATTA!!!




Water is good for your body and helps keep your skin healthy and looking young as well.  Drink only water for today using your Jergens tumbler.  Post photos with a time stamp every time you do a refill.

This mission is pretty easy. I'm currently on a diet and I've cut down the amount of food I usually eat. I drink a lot of water so that I don't get hungry fast so I always have a glass of water next to me.

That's why I'm happy that I got a new tumbler from Jergens too! I have a new drinking buddy! Haha! Anyway, here are the photos I took of the tumbler whenever I refill it with water. :D

 I woke up late but when I had breakfast, I drank 3 tumblers full of water. 

 Lunch time but still quite full since I ate breakfast late so I drank only water. :P

It's a hot day today! It's a must to drink plenty of water!

 After dinner, did a couple of refilling again. 

 Finally, probably my last tumbler of water for today! :P

It's important to drink the right amount of water! It keeps your body healthy and also makes you look better! ;) When you're hydrated, you feel and look younger! 

And that makes my third mission COMPLETE! Wooot! 




Host a giveaway on your blog and make someone smile today. We'll take care of the prize and delivery.

This is super exciting because I get to do the challenge with you, my readers! Yayyy! 

So how can you join? It's super easy!

Send your entries below:

Don't forget to
comment your name and email address below and answer this question:
"How do you take care of your skin and how can Jergens improve your regimen more?"

This is open to PH residents and I'll choose the winner randomly.
Good luck everyone! I will announce the winner after seven days! 


The 7 days are up! I loved reading all your skincare regimens. There are some that I would like to start doing too! :D Anyway, it's time to reveal the lucky winner who will receive a Jergens Gift Pack and it's none other than...

Amabelle Wee

Congratulations! Please wait for a representative from Jergens to contact you regarding the prize. :)

UPDATE (12/6/14)

Our previous drawn winner didn't respond to our emails for a weeks so I was forced to draw a new one. The new winner of the Jergens Gift Pack is...

Czaroma Roman

I've sent you an email and hope you can respond the soonest so we can send the entries to you! :D

Thank you everyone for joining! I hope you'll join our next giveaway soon! :D




A healthy diet is needed to keep your body strong and your skin beautiful. Share with us a family recipe using  ingredients that are good for the skin.

(Tip of the day: Jergens Moisturizers work hand in hand with a healthy diet and exercise in keeping your skin stunningly beautiful. Apply your favorite Jergens variant twice a day to reveal your most beautiful skin)

Hmm... I don't think I have learned any "family recipe" because we grew up with our kasambahay's cooking. My mom was very busy to cook for us so we didn't get to learn much of the food her parents and siblings used to eat. But that doesn't mean we (my sibs and I) don't cook. We actually love experimenting with food. We usually check recipes online or read cook books then add a little personal touch on some of our cooking. Here's one that I love to cook because it's fast to do, healthy (I think), and delicious!

Tomato-Eggplant Pasta

Things you'll need:
(We're not pretty strict on the measurements, it's always a trial-and-error for us. Haha!)

6 tablespoons Olive Oil
2-3 tomatoes
1-2 eggplant/s cut into squares
3 garlic cloves (I tend to add more because I like mine garlic-y)
Salt and pepper to taste
Finely chopped basil
Optional: Cheese (Feta but you can also try cheddar for a saltier and creamier taste)
Optional: Spanish Sardines or Tuna
Optional: Cayenne Pepper
1/4 kilo pasta (spaghetti)

Cook the pasta by boiling it with salt and oil. Add the tomatoes in the boiling pot and remove them once they start to look like it's gonna explode! Haha! Kidding! Just remove them when the skin starts to peel.

On a frying pan, heat your olive oil then add the garlic. Toss in your eggplants and stir until it gets a little soft. Then add your tomatoes and squish them so the juice will come out. Add the basil and the other optional ingredients such as cheese and the sardines or tuna. Just add salt and pepper depending on how you like it. If you like it spicy like I do, you can also add some cayenne!

Finally, toss in the cooked pasta and mix them together!

Easy as 1, 2, 3! Yay! 
I'm not sure if this is to your liking because this is just one of our experiments but so far, all the people who have tried it liked it (I hope). Haha! The ingredients are simple and easy to find and we all know that tomatoes are good for the skin because it's rich in lycopene. So I hope you'll like this in case you've tried it out. :D

And mission 5 is now COMPLETE! Yayyy!




Something's in the mail! We're sending you Cabalen GCs—use them to treat your mom or your fave gal pal to a surprise lunch or dinner.

(Tip of the day: As you nurture relationships, nourish your skin as well for a beauty that radiates inside and out.)

 Yesterday, when I got home, I did get something from the mail and those were the GC's for the sixth mission!

So I talked to my mom right away and asked her if she wanted to dine out the next day. We both have work the whole day that day so we agreed to meet late in the afternoon and go eat dinner at Cabalen, West Ave., Quezon City.

Since the price for each person is only Php 298.00, we decided to bring along my bro. It became a family bonding! Now I miss my sis who's out of the country. It would've been nice if we were all having dinner out!

And that's us after stuffing ourselves with Filipino cuisines. It's been a while since I ate at Cabalen (like 10 years?) and I still like their Crispy Kangkong. I enjoyed their desserts as well! So if you want to go and eat your heart out at a buffet full of Filipino food but have a tight budget, then why not try it here at Cabalen? It's a good and affordable place to eat out with your friends and family. :)

And that's my 6th mission! Yay! One more to go before I complete all challenges! Yayyy!




Look for an old full body photo of yourself taken in the last 3 months. Then, take a new photo in the exact same pose, this time holding the Jergens variant that you have been using n the past 7 days.

Oh dear. This is supposed to be an easy task but I've been browsing my photos both in my laptop and my phone and I just don't have any full-body shots. I guess I just don't like seeing how big I am. Haha! Anyway, I do hope that these photos I posted are okay.

So I tried to copy my smile as much as I can. I do have much more makeup on the older photo though. 

The variant I am holding is the Jergens Daily Moisture Lotion which I use twice daily. What I can say about this is that it really does hydrate your skin. My skin feels soft and smooth after application. This is thick in consistency but it's not sticky once it gets absorbed by the skin, which doesn't take a while at all. I also like the smell of Jergens products so I just love how I smell before I start the day and before I go to bed.

And my seventh and final mission is COMPLETE! Yay! I'm glad I was able to accomplish all of the seven challenges. The whole experience was fun and I'm glad I rediscovered how good Jergens is in achieving that smooth, soft, and healthy-looking skin!



  1. I take care of my skin by applying lotion at night. I don't apply it in the morning because of how sticky it feels. I think Jergens can help me make applying lotion in the morning a habbit!

    1. Stacie Noelle Chan

  2. Name: Karen Lizette Escobar

    I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to help my skin improve but I also have a bad habit on eating on fastfoods/streetfoods and drinking coffee. Jergens will help me to improve my skin the faster and also a safe way that will not harm my skin.

  3. Maricris T. Abarabar
    I take care of my skin by applying lotion to moisturize my skin and prevent from dryness. Using Jergens lotion I can achieve a smooth and fair skin even I am busy taking care of my 2 kids.

  4. sherry ann gole cruz
    i take care of my skin by eating healthy foods and vitamins,drink lots of water and used jergens as my moisturizer
    jergens helps my regimen by making my skin smooth and i feel more confident

  5. Sheryl An Mungcal
    i drink lots of warm fluids,.
    Jergens Daily Moisture Lotion will help me to have healthy skin,.

  6. I take care of my skin by eating healthy, sleeping early, exercising eveyday and as much as possible I minimize wearing make-up to let my skin breathe and if I tend to wear I use healthy mineral make-up.
    I think Jergens can help me by maintaining the softness, smoothness and glow of my skin.

    Name: Anne Marie A. Celso

  7. Name: jenie rosanes

    I take care of my skin by drinking a lot of water and taking vitamins. I also make sure to put lotion like jergens before i go to bed

  8. Name: Mary Louise Sanchez
    Email address:

    "How do you take care of your skin and how can Jergens improve your regimen more?"

    Being a health-conscious, I always give my skin the best care ever! Hydration is important to the skin so I drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.I also use sunscreen before going out to protect my skin against the sun's harmful UV rays, especially in the afternoon. I also eat well-balance diet, more on fruits and vegetables, to give my provide my skin enough nutrients that it needs. Sleeping for at least 8 hours is also essential; eventhough my work is usually at night, I make sure that I will recharge myself after duty and pamper my skin before anything else. I also take multivitamins and Vitamin E to give myself extra protection and make my skin more refresh with a radiant glow! I'm very meticulous with the products that will apply on my skin so I make sure that they're hypoallergenic and non-comedongenic.
    In order to improve my regimen and as part of my skin pampering habits,I use Jergens original Beauty Lotion regularly.It offers everything that I need to keep my skin soft and well-moisturized! Actually since I love the its smell, I bought a big one (500 ml) instead of the small bottle recently! Honestly, I noticed a great difference before I started using it and now that I'm applyinhg it daily on my skin! I also posted some photos on my IG with my Jergens Lotion.
    Jergens has illuminating Hydralucence blend and cherry almond essence that is perfect for my dry skin! Lastly, it's Dermatologist tested, so I would never ask for anything more!

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway Peachy Pink Sisters and to Jergens dor sponsoring the prize. :-)

  9. Jane Dulva
    I drink a lot of water. And I use jergens lotion everyday to keep my skin soft and moisturize.

  10. Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales

    Proper hygiene is the key. Take a shower everyday to get rid of dirt and germs

  11. Czaroma Roman
    czaroma_roman [at] yahoo [dot] com

    I make sure to cleanse, tone and moisturize my skin to keep it soft, smooth and young looking. Drinking enough water and eating nutritious food keeps my skin healthy. Also, I make sure to apply sunscreen to protect it from the sun's harmful rays. I'm so glad that Jergens can help keep my skin more healthier and more beautiful.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Mhayzie M. Rural
    I apply jergens every night before i sleep,and take a glass of water. Jergens really goods to me,No more dry skin!

  13. I use lotion Jergens and i use moisturizer
    helen gatbonton

  14. Mary Jane Vergara Blasa
    Jergens help me a lot to maintain my skin smooth and a mom i need healthy skin and jergens help me to have this.

  15. Amabelle Wee
    1.) drink eight glasses of water a day.
    2.) Exfoliate skin once or twice a week
    3.) Moisturize skin with Jergens lotion every morning and before going to bed
    4.) add sunblock
    5.) Eat fruits and veggies everyday

  16. email address:
    "How do you take care of your skin ? I drink lots of water everyday 2-3liters and i eat lots of fruits and veggies apply jergens lotion day and night

    how can Jergens improve your regimen more? Jergens keeps my skin soft and healthier it also moisturizes my skin the whole day.No more dry skin talga.

  17. maribeth gracilla

    i take care of my skin by drinking plenty of water, washing my face regularly, eating fruits rich in vit. E and vit C. lastly i apply moisturizer before going to bed and i apply sunscreen when i go out on the sun.
    i naturally have a dry skin and jergens would really be a great help to my skin regimen because i focus on moisturizing my skin. :)

  18. Kristine Domingo

    Drinking plenty of water to hydrate my skin and have enough sleep to avoid skin breakouts... also using Jergens keeps my skin soft and radiant. It moisturized my skin.

  19. Maria Corazon Letada

    Using sunblock when going outside, drinking a lot of water and eating fruits and vegetables.

  20. Mitzie Descartin
    I have a sensitive skin and I don't have time to go to a derma clinic now and then, but I was advised to stay hydrated and apply a lotion to stay moisturized. I'm a fan of Jergens and I think I can maintain a healthy regimen with it.

  21. Name: Marizza Domingo
    Email address:

    I take care of my skin by following proper hygiene plus plenty of liquid intake. Jergens have been helping me in making my skin moisturized.

  22. Nerissa Marin

    I take care of my skin by applying lotion before going out.

  23. Name: Vanessa Grace C. Lim

    I protect my skin from sunlight by using sunblock and treat my skin gently by avoiding strong soaps then I maintain a healthy diet to look and feel at best.

  24. In order to take care of and respect your skin, first and foremost I make sure to choose products specially designed for my skin type.

    Jeddahlyn Gonzales

  25. Feng Manlapaz

    "How do you take care of your skin and how can Jergens improve your regimen more?"
    I always make sure to scrub once a week and use the products that are hiyang to my skin. I drink lots of water and I always apply sunscreen when I go out. I love the smell of Jergens so I always apply it because it makes my skin soft and the smell relaxes me and I feel refreshed.

  26. Astra C. Alegre

    I take care of my skin by drinking a lot of water. Jergens will definitely help my regimen by making my skin moisturized.

  27. Richelle Molon
    I am really guilty of not taking care of my skin most of the time. I just eat healthy as much as I can because it will also help me and my baby for I am a breastfeeding mom. I see to it that I have an umbrella in my bag to protect me from harmful sun rays. But, I fail to drink water often so I'll work on that.
    Jergens can help my regimen more for I've read above based on your observation that it will make the skin smoother and softer instantly. That, I bet, will make me feel good and beautiful.

  28. Faith Hazel Almario

    Jergens has been part of our daily lives-every member of the family. I still remember our relatives used to send us different variants of Jergens lotions that is why we never run out of stock. This is the best moisturizer ever if you really have dry skin.

  29. Cathlyn Joy Roman
    i take care of my skin by eating healthy foods & drinking lots of fluids,.
    Jergens lotions makes my skin smooth,.

  30. I take care of my skin protecting it from harmful UV rays, I drink a lot of water and I pamper my skin twice a week by visiting a massage spa.

    Lani Evangelista

  31. I take care of my skin by moisturizing it by applying lotion after taking a bath and sleeping 8 hrs everyday and drinking lots of water
    Maricel Fajardo

  32. i cleanse, tone and moisturize, i sleep atleast 8 hours a day and drink lots of water. Jergens improve my regimen more by keeping my skin moisturized and hydrated

    Lovely Joy Merced

  33. I take care of my skin by drinking lots of water, eating healthy foods and doing some exercise every single day and applying lotion and moisturizer on a daily basis. Jergens can improve my regimen more by keeping my skin more soft and smooth.

    Ma. Elinor Semira
    maydoll0513 at gmail dot com

  34. "How do you take care of your skin and how can Jergens improve your regimen more?"
    I take care of my skin by using mild soap and applying lotion everyday... Jergens will improve my beauty skin regimen more because it will moisturize my skin and leave a radiant smell that is simply irresistible!!!
    name: Franchesca Yambao
    email address:

  35. Paula Romana Alagao

    "How do you take care of your skin and how can Jergens improve your regimen more?"

    I take care of my skin by using hypoallergenic products that is suitable with my sensitive skin. I wash my face with soap, I apply moisturizer, serum and of course lotion. Jergens will improve my skin regimen by making my skin healthier, smoother and more radiant! :)

  36. I love using whitening lotion. And I know that Jergen's will help me to whiten and moisturize my skin that's why I wanna try their newly improved Jergen's products :)

    Sena A Gonzales

  37. Maria Correa
    I take care myself by drinking lots of water, eating fruits, exfoliates and I used organic soaps. Jergens will improve my skin to keep it more smooth and healthy

  38. I take care myself by drinking lots of water, eating fruits & vegetables, using & putting soap & lotion. It will keep my skin smoother, healthier & whiter

  39. I take care of my skin by pampering it using products that best suits my skin. Jergen's is one of the products that I and my family trust in moisturizing our skin.

    Lorie Nocasa

  40. Maria Christina Gumatay

    "How do you take care of your skin and how can Jergens improve your regimen more?"
    I mostly do it the natural way like drinking lots of water, regular use of facial wash, plenty of sleep and eating the right kinds of food. With Jergens like their Skin Firming Toning Moisturiser, it can help me maintain a firmer and younger looking skin.