Monday, November 17, 2014

Too Cool For School Max in Pocket in No. 2 Pink Pink

Hey guys!

Obsessed with super cute makeup packaging? Then this one from Too Cool For School is something you must check out!

Too Cool For School Max in Pocket in No. 2 Pink Pink
Php 605.00

What I super love about this is the kitty design because... who doesn't love kittens? 

So why are the words "in pocket" included in the name? It's because this product is something you can carry around with ease anywhere. 

It comes with a chain you can use to attach this lip product to your wallets, purses, car keys, or even on your bracelets or necklaces!

You just attach the chain at the back of the case!

Mine is attached to my coin purse. I like that I can go do simple errands the whole day like get some groceries and pay the bills and still have luscious pink lips!

It also comes with a small compact mirror! Cute!

Sure that this product looks good and is very portable, but how does it look? Well, just check the swatch below.

It's glossy but quite pigmented. It's very pink but still sort of translucent to keep it simple and fun.

I apply this with a lip brush because it is more hygienic compare to just your fingers. I just slip in the brush in my purse and I am good to go!

Here's the product on my lips

My lips look so plump and luscious. It's not overly glossy and it doesn't feel greasy. It barely has any scent and no flavor too in case you're expecting any. 

And that's me!

Isn't the color so gorgeous? It's very girly and simple that it is something you can use everyday! And why not? It's something you can bring along with you with ease anyway!

So what are your thoughts on the Too Cool For School Max in Pocket in No. 2 Pink Pink? 



  1. It IS a gorgeous shade! I never get tinted colors in a balm form like this but this is really great on you, the color is just right, not too pink!

  2. Pretty pink shade! I've only tried Too Cool For School BB cream (sample size) and well, I think the brand is a bit pricey for my student budget :(

    1. That is true. But in fairness, the quality of their products are really good! :D